Money Back Guarantee

Our custom writing service provides its customers with the money back guarantee. You can make a refund in case something is wrong with your completed academic paper or it doesn`t meet your requirements. In order to do it successfully, you should follow some rules.

Our customers have the opportunity to apply for such types of refund:

1. a 50% refund if:

a. your writing assignment is assigned to a writer, but more than 50% of the time until your deadline has elapsed

b. no writer is available for the revision of your paper

2. a 70% refund if:

a. your order is assigned to a writer, but less than 50% of the time until the deadline has passed

3. a 100% refund if:

a. a payment mistake has been made

b. the text material is no longer required by you because the deadline was missed and it was not delivered to you

c. if no suitable writer is available

You should remember, that you can`t get the 100% refund in case your paper is revised. You will lose your intellectual property rights on the delivered paper if you initiate the refund procedure.

Please take into consideration that the money back guarantee is not applicable to:

  • discounts and Extras, such as Table of Contents, Abstract, Sources Used, Plagiarism report, TOP Writer, and VIP customer service;
  • VAT;
  • cases, in which our Quality Assurance department proofs, that all your initial requirements and instructions are completely satisfied;
  • cases, when the “Approve” button is already pressed;
  • cases, when the requirements of the Terms of Use document are not met;
  • cases, when money is submitted to your account as credit;
  • Problem Solving assignments and Multiple Choice question

In case our client is dissatisfied with our work, our custom writing service is always ready to return your money if there are serious reasons.

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