Privacy Policy

Before we start cooperating with the customers, we want to introduce our rules for everyone, who is interested in purchasing academic papers from our website. This agreement should regulate our and your behaviour to establish privacy relationship.

Once you open this website on your device, you give an agreement to be legally bound by this document. If you have any problems with it, do not proceed with making an order or transferring money. We will provide samples of possible disagreements that may appear while you are using this website.  Please, read the information and contact us in this case, if you have any further questions about the set rules.

Common Provisions

Sometimes your agreement will be required repeatedly. If you do not express your sufficient consent, using the site will be concerned as unlawful.  We aim to provide you a quality service, this is why we need you to pass some agreement stages and identify yourself. We will get only certain information about you during a use of this site. We do it only for improving the experience of the visitors of the website.

All information that you will give, requires your own consent. Without it, we will not be able to gain your information and offer our services to you. These are the example of information that will be submitted when you:

  • Fill in forms and questionaries
  • Identify your personality
  • Contact our customer support team

We can also collect some information by observing your actions at the site and tracking your payment. However, we never get information that concerns your:

  • Ethnicity
  • Religion
  • Political views
  • Health condition
  • Sex life
  • Criminal issues

We automatically start collecting information about the type of your browser, operating system, and the time when you enter the website once you open this website on your device.

Please, notice that for using and purchasing our services, you will have to provide such information as your:

  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Credit card (first and last name plus 4 last digits on your card)
  • Copy of ID or driving license

We will use your phone number and email address to notify you about an order progress, payment and once your paper is completed. We may also ask you to clarify some issues to deliver you the best service. When you click “Submit form”, you automatically give your agreement to receive special offers and discounts, advertising materials by phone or email.

Your credit card detail, as well as the copy of ID or driving license will be used for payment authorization.

Manner of communication

We are open to receive any complaints about collecting personal information. We would be happy if you can suggest us how to make our service more convenient and fair for everyone. Contact us if you want to know why we collect certain information and how we use it. Get in touch with our customer support representatives for any request concerning our service.

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