What do terms of use mean?

The following terms of use apply to the website Affordable-papers.net. (the “Site”)

Terms of use which we offer your attention are the main basis of cooperation between our Site and each customer. This includes the information on accessing, placing an order on the Site.

We recommend you to read these terms carefully and pay much attention to the information we offer as this contains your rights, obligations and conditions of cooperation.

You can print this information or save it on your computer to check it from time to time.

What else do you refer while reading these terms of use?

The following terms of use also include:

  • The main description of the Site at About Us
  • The Privacy Policy
  • FAQ page which contains information on the main information of our work
  • Guarantees which tell you what you get with us and what are your rights concerning the usage of the service

It`s obligatory to get aware of these terms of use before placing any orders or paying for the service.

The consequences of the usage of our service

If you submit an order or pay for any service on our website then it means you agree with our terms of use, you have read them and everything fit you.  If you don`t accept some of the points, then it`s better not to apply for our service.

When do we change the terms of use?

From time to time we renew the information concerning terms of use. We may change the data on prices, services we offer or security policies. Each customer should check this information from time to time on our website not to miss some important changes.

Information about our Site and its usage

  1. The main conditions of our work are described at “About our Site”.
  2. We have the responsibility to change and modify the main features of our work from time to time.
  3. You are to legally able to enter into the contract if you want to get the service of our Site.

Registration and placing an order

  1. If you want to make an order on our Site then you should submit order form which is placed on the order page.
  2. Placing an order gives you an opportunity to specify your assignment, you are to insert all necessary information and materials in the order form to get what you really expect.
  3. To make an order on our Site you will be asked to register. Our registration form contains the following information of yours:
  • Certain information on your requirements and expectations (which kind of service you need, which type of assignment you need, academic level, detailed information on your order and additional requirements);
  • Personal information (your name, country, e-mail address, phone number and payment information)
  1. If some of your personal information is changed then you are to edit it in your profile as well. We recommend you to do this from time to time.

The use of your personal data and security

Check Privacy Policy to get information on how and where we use your personal data and payment information.

Information on your account and security

  1. While register on our Site you will be asked to insert your name and email-address and one of this will be used as your username.  And also you are to create your password.
  2. Keep your account information in secret, do not give this information to anyone.
  3. You are answerable for all activities and orders made with your account. If you think somebody has your password, then you should create another one using Edit profile.
  4. We have the right to change your password if we suspect it`s not secure. We will inform you about this via email you have provided in your profile information.
  5. If you forget your password, you can change it to a new one.

Payment and discounts

  1. While placing an order on the Site you are aware that you have to pay for any kind of service, your order will not be available for you until the payment is confirmed.
  2. The prices are calculated and shown to you depending on your order. Still you can check the prices on the Pricing Section.
  3. Information on bonuses and discounts we offer is available on FAQ.

The main features of using our Website

  1. You may get access to Site for your personal, non-commercial usage.
  2. You can`t use our Site for any illegal purposes which may be the following:
  • the spread of any prohibited, abusive, harmful or other materials which are out of law;
  • transmit the materials which encourage other people to conduct offense or something that is out of regulations and law;
  • strive with other users of the Site
  • saving and copying materials and works without any permission.
  1. If you break any of the given points in terms of use, you are responsible for any loses and costs.
  2. We have the right to terminate your usage of the site if you have broken some of the terms of use.
  3. If we suspect that your use of Site badly influence the smooth work of other customers, then we have the right to stop your access to the Site till we investigate the situation.

Use of services

If you submit the product purchase, you automatically approve that you are aware of the following:

  1. You are buying the assignment for your personal usage;
  2. If you use any information from the orders you get, should be properly cited;
  3. All assignments are done according to all stated standards;
  4. The assignments are prepared by freelance writers who were checked for proficiency by our company;
  5. You pay for collecting and looking for materials and information needed for the completion of your order. The prices also reflect the editing, correcting, time that we need for work; advertising of the Site.
  6. You cannot distribute, copy, publish, transmit the materials you get from our company, without our permission.
  7. You are to destroy all the assignments as far as you have used it for your primary purpose.
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