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What is an Analytical Essay and How to Succeed with It?

If you have a task to complete an analytical essay, you are expected to analyze, examine and interpret the given thing. It can be either a book, event, article, play or any other work of art.

To complete a perfect analytical essay, the following elements have to be preserved:

  • Introduction and clear presentation of the argument
    This first paragraph is written to tell the readers what will be discussed in an analytical essay. It goes without saying that any literature work raises some major issues, or at least one. So, in the introductory part of your essay, you will also need to define the idea of the text you are going to examine. This sentence can be considered as a thesis statement of your analytical essay. While writing, it is important to narrow the main idea of your essay, and stay concentrated on your major essay focus.
  • Analysis of the text
    This part will be the longest one of your essay. The main issue you have chosen to analyze needs to be strongly connected to your argument. First of all, you should present the problem. Then, the argument follows. While analyzing the text, pay much attention to different stylistic devices the author uses to convey the specific meaning. You have to analyze whether the author uses everything in a proper way, by providing the readers with clearly conveyed ideas. If you are making some assumptions, do not hesitate to support them all with strong examples and reasonable arguments.
  • Personal response
    Your personal approach will show that you are familiar with the source material, and you understand the text by yourself. It only adds to the essay. Of course, it is not true that you should have only positive attitude and feedbacks if speaking about the text. If a writer fails to convince you in something, take a chance and express your critical point of view. Yes, do not be afraid to be critical. Base your contradictory views on the text objectively and support it by evidence from the text. Personal response should be presented throughout the essay, do not wait to put it in the end.
  • Conclusion
    This final part of your paper has to be related to the analysis and the argument presented previously. Try to sum up the main ideas, and do not make your conclusion too long.

Useful Tips for Effective Analytical Essay Writing

  • Stay organized. Plan what you are going to do and what you are going to discuss in advance. It is also important to know the conclusion of your essay even before the body paragraphs are created. It helps to structure and set up the essay properly, by putting emphasis on the right things. When you know for sure what you are doing, the chances to complete a good analytical essay increase.
  • While writing an analytical essay, always use the present tense.
  • It is better to be objective while writing. It means, you do not have to use the first person too much.
  • The language of informal speech is not possible if we are speaking about effective analytical essay and a confident writer.
  • Do not use short words form. Forget about “etc”. It can create a view that you have nothing more to say.
  • You have to use your creativity while making a title for your essay. Do not use the title of the original text. It will not work.
  • You do not have to retell the story. Analytical essay is all about analyzing. Many students fail the task simply because of telling what is happening in this or that text, instead of proving the analysis.
  • Do your best to explain how the writer makes us understand and perceive what he or she intended to convey. Analyze all writing techniques used and text`s main themes. Do not forget about your personal response.
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