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How to Stay Organized and Productive

Usually, online studying becomes an option when you have a family or personal responsibilities because the time available for learning is very limited. However, if you want to keep up with your commitments and at the same time you are very eager to develop educationally, online studying can be something that will suit your needs. However, one should take into consideration that such way of...

Ask 6 Questions to Pick an Online Psychology Degree Program

Studying is associated with everyday visits to a particular educational establishment; however, nowadays there is such a variety of options to study online that you might consider staying at home while getting the diploma which you’ve always wanted.

Caffeine is a drug: Substance that you need to be careful with

Many people who are questioned about what they consider to be a drug will think about illegal drugs. Some will also mention tobacco and alcohol. However, what would you tell if you learned that the majority of U.S. population are drug users not because of taking illegal drugs, smoking tobacco or drinking alcohol, but because of being addicted to caffeine?

6 Best Preparatory Schools in the USA

Very often studying is associated with doing tedious scholarly tasks and having not much fun. However, if to talk about going to elite prep school, pupils are starting to change their mind. Let’s check the list of exclusive preparatory schools that many students would love to study at.

5 Reasons Why You Should Dress Up for Class

It is a common situation, when in the end of semester you have to attend 9 a.m. organic chemistry class and attendance is counted. What do you do then? You pull on a sweater over your shorts, grab a pair of shoes and leave the house. Thank goodness there’s zero judgment for showing up to class in lazy wear.

A few simple tips on how to write a coursework

Wikipedia has the following definition of the term "course work": it is a work performed by students or trainees for the purpose of learning. We would like to complete this definition a little. Coursework is a form of an extended essay or project in which the student conducts independent research on a topic that he/she chose by himself/herself.

A Critical Thinking essays: definition and how to write

Critical thinking essays contribute to the development of analytical skills of students. They differ significantly from narrative and overview essays because it requires students to use their own thoughts as arguments. Students learn to analyze these or that problems and develop weighty arguments.

What Is Your Opinion about Distance Learning?

Distance learning has many advantages, as already stated by a large number of students. Both undergraduates and graduates take part in such programs to get a decent education without leaving home, or in order to reach new heights at work.

Learn Faster with This Useful Guide

What first develops a person, helps him to realize himself and achieve the goals? This is the mind. Every day we strive to learn, gain experience and practical knowledge, improve our skills, and pursue certain goals. We want to know as much as possible, but unfortunately learning something takes a very long time.

Descriptive Essay - what is this and how to write it

Probably, each of you heard about such a kind of essay, as descriptive. Its purpose is to compose a vivid picture in the reader's mind with the help of a description. Unlike other types of essays, where the main role is assigned to dry figures, facts and the results of scientific research, in the descriptive essay it is necessary to influence the reader's feelings and...

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