Check Some Biggest Exam Mistakes which Took Place this Year

You spent days and nights getting ready for the coming exams. And it`s rather important for you to get the tasks and work on them. But sometimes the things don`t go smoothly and every year university stuff make up exam questions which are impossible to answer, or the examiner can cause the disruption, which may worse your situation and influence badly on your final grade.

Five reasons why International Baccalaureate Program is totally worth it

The International Baccalaureate Program definitely gives its students a unique education. It develops the intellectual, emotional, and social skills that are essential for personal and academic development and making a successful career. It challenges students to excel in their studies and personal growth. The IB`s aim is to develop knowledgeable young people who are motivated to succeed in their life.

Why is the International Baccalaureate Program Helpful for Future College Students?

International Baccalaureate Program in high schools causes different opinions, thoughts and mixed feelings. Most parents and students can consider it as additional and unnecessary overload. It is true that those pupils, who take this program, have more tasks and spend more time at schools. All these additional hours at school, extra essays and papers last for four years, which is quite a long period. So...

Tips That Will Help to Get a Scholarship

I must confess that I was mistaken for quite a long period in regard to the student’s scholarship. Being a student with the average achievements, I considered that gaining a scholarship was available only for people with exceptional gains. I thought that only excellent marks, outstanding social activities or great results in sports can be a reasonable background for scholarship. As it appeared, I was...

4 Things That Require Improvement in Regard to English Classes

Each system and structure is not perfect and requires updating and improvements in course of time. Especially, it is relevant when we speak about the educational sphere. In this regard there are so many aspects to be considered and observed. It is important to establish the effective educational program and arrange the classes in such a way, so that students will be interested in learning...

7 attractive places that tourists prefer to visit in Austria

From high mountains and beautiful nature to modern cities – Austria is able to offer travelers a lot of interesting things and places to see. It is the country where each corner has prepared for tourists its “tasty morsel”. With its magnificent nature and a numerous picturesque places, Austria welcome all its visitors offering them a diversity of things what to do and to see...

7 best countries all around the world

As we know all countries have different quality of life. Many of us constantly ask ourselves “which country is better to live?” There are circumstances that make people to find a different place to live, someone is forced to move abroad in order to improve his/her financial position, someone needs to change the climate for health and someone just wants to find a paradise. Every...

7 most colorful celebrations all around the world

All people know that each country is rich in its variety of traditional celebrations. Here are given 7 most colorful holidays and celebrations in the world, which are really worth to visit for tourists. Let’s be the quest of these amazing activities with us. Write down all peculiarities of these interesting places and charge with really positive energy.

Essay writer vs. Essay tutor

On The New York Times Craig Heller, a former soap-opera writer and a holder of Four Emmy Awards and one Writers Guild Award, told about his experience of an essay writer helping young people to write their application essay. We think it’ll be interesting and helpful for other writes, especially for newcomers or those who have been just thinking of becoming an author, to find...

Pros and Cons of Distance Learning

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization established two main maxims of modern education: education for everyone and life-long learning. However, relevant these maxims may sound to us, it is a fact that many people across the globe are unable to get or continue their education due to a number of reasons. If you are one of those people who crave for new knowledge, but...

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