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How to Write a Great Book Review

A review is not a mere description of what happened in the story. It can also include a personal opinion of the reviewer. It tells about whether you liked reading the book or not. On the basis of whether you enjoyed the book, you can suggest if the particular piece of work is worth reading or it is better to stay away and not to waste your time.

Choosing a book for a review

It is important to choose a book with a subject that you like. If you write a review for a book the topic of which is irrelevant to you, the text of your summary might end up being not very strong. Make an effort and choose a book that you like. However, if you need to write a review for a book which was given to you by your tutor, you will need to find some interest in the book. Find it and you will be able to get great results.

Preparing well before reading the book

It is advisable to jot down what you know about the book before you start reading. You need to do this in order to capture your first impressions and tell the reader whether your predictions were right. Read the table of contents as well as the preface and figure out who the audience is. This will help you choose the right style of your review since it is an important factor for the success of your work.

Reading and analyzing actively

If the book belongs to you, try to use pencil and markers to underline and mark important points. It is not possible to remember everything when you read the book, so making notes in your notepad can be really helpful. It is great to just read and engage with a text, but writing down important thoughts and underlining key passages will help you to write a better book review.

Evaluating when you are reading the book

It is good to engage with a text while reading, but making notes actively can help you with understanding what is the main message that the author wants to convey in his piece of writing. You might have your unique style of writing book reviews, but it might be useful to divide your notepad page into two parts. In one column you can write facts and main points. In the second one, you can jot down your personal insights and impressions of what you are reading.

Writing a book review can be easy if you take some useful steps in the process. To create an effective reviewing text, make sure to prepare carefully. Work actively whilst reading the assigned book and your review will be interesting and useful for the potential readers.

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