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Case Study Essay Writing: How to Get A+

Writing a case study is used to make a plan for the problems happened in real life, to test some hypothesis and to provide good discussion of possible problem solutions. Usually it is a proper analysis of some group, event, person or situation and it can be done using such sources as evidence. There are 4 main types of case studies:

  • narrative (it presents your results in a narrative format like characters and plot);
  • illustrative (it gives description of the situation and introduces the concept of the topic to the reader);
  • cumulative (it includes information from a few sources for making general conclusions);
  • critical instance (it examines a couple of situations for criticizing a general consumptions).

Steps for writing

If you follow these guidelines, it will be easier for you to structure and complete the essay.

  1. Choose the type. As we mentioned before, there are four general types of case study essays, so just determine one you will use in yours. Usually illustrative essay is used for businesses and corporations and their customers. Critical instance is common for schools and educators, cumulative essay is for legal companies. No matter what you choose, your purpose will be to analyze a certain situation and reveal information not known before.
  2. Choose the topic. What do you want to explore? Specify the problem, search for information, take notes and summarize the information you have. Make sure you have proper sources to cite.
  3. Point out your task. What is the case you should consider and instructions of your assignment? Study the requirements of your paper.
  4. Do the interviews. Choose a few people with more knowledge about this particular situation or the experts. Prepare the questions you are going to ask these people. Conduct the interview and request all the data and materials to add some credibility to your future presentation. It will be great to add statistics, pictures, quotes as evidence.
  5. Analyze data. Collect all the info you have and analyze it properly. Divide your essay into a few sections and present all collected information on paper. Add the references you have and proofread the completed essay in the end. Correct any typos, mistakes, grammar and edit the paper.

Make sure everything is great and you are done! Good luck!

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