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How to Write a Good Cover Letter and Land Yourself a Great Job

If you have trouble getting a job for a substantial amount of time, there must be something that you do is not correct. Finding a new job can be a complicated task and following all the rules is a must in this process.

One of the rules of a successful job search is to send a cover letter to the potential employer. Because many applicants ignore this step, they often get stuck in a job search for ages.

If you did not know that cover letter is as important as resume, try to send one next time you apply. If you already know that CV needs to be sent together with a cover letter, but do not know how to do it right, check out some of our simple tips below.

What is a cover letter?

A cover letter is a message sent to the employer as a part of an application process for the particular vacancy. Usually, it is sent together with a resume or some other documentation which is requested in the selection process.

Following the structure

Cover letter is a document which is written in a business style, so following the structure is a must.

  • You need to greet the receiver of your cover letter and it is advisable to specify which position you are applying to in the opening paragraph.
  • Highlight your experience together with your strong points in following paragraphs.
  • In a closing part you may explain why you want to work at this particular company and you may also thank the reader for taking time to look through your application documents.

Tricks and tips to ensure that your cover letter to be read

There are several simple guidelines that will help you get noticed among many other applicants for the same position. In order to receive a job offer, you need to write a smashing cover letter. Here are some of the tips:

  • If it’s possible, start your letter with a name of the hiring manager. The message will look personalized and will show that you do not send covering letters generically. It shows that you are sure who you are writing to and that you know which company you send your application to.
  • Do not forget to leave your contact details. Usually, they are included in the end of the cover letter as a part of a closing paragraph. Check all your personal data in resume, cover letter and other documents, since all your contact data has to match.
  • Besides basic contact details (email and phone number), you can include a link to your personal website, LinkedIn profile or other social accounts. Adjust all your social media accounts so that they look professional. Nowadays, hiring managers check them in order to make sure that the candidate for the position is a credible person and is worth becoming a part of the company.
  • Avoid sending same cover letter which you have already sent to another company. If you use your own template each time you apply, customize it according to a new position. Make sure that the name of the vacancy is the one which is stated in the job advertisement.
  • Choose an email address from a respected email provider. Ideally, you should use your first and last name in the address. Avoid using email of your current work. It will look very unprofessional if someone finds out and you risk to lose your current job and not get the next job you applied to.
  • Keep your letter in a business style. Choose appropriate language and check your letter for any grammar, syntax and punctuation errors.

It might not be enough just to simply write a cover letter because it must be written correctly so that you could grab the attention of the hiring manager or an employer.

We provided a list of some simple rules that need to be remembered while creating your winning cover letter. Missing one of them can cost you dearly in terms of not being able to get a job of your dream. Apply the tips and, hopefully, you will be successfully welcomed in a new team of a new company.

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