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How to Write a Great Descriptive Essay

Whatever type of an essay you need to write, careful planning and thorough research are required for the successful work. This task may be challenging for those who are introverts and who do not like to share their impressions and thoughts, however, the descriptive essay is all about sharing your insights with others. Hopefully, our guidelines will help you write a good descriptive essay.

What is a descriptive essay?

A descriptive essay is a piece of writing which must create a vivid picture in the mind of a reader. In your text, you need to describe an event, thing, person or even a process, which impressed you. You need to tell about your experience and thoughts in such a way that the reader gets really engaged.

Where to start in writing a descriptive essay?

  • Choose a topic correctly – if you have an opportunity to choose a topic, it is great. It is better if you need to describe something that is of interest to you than a subject that you cannot relate yourself to. It is more than likely that you will come up with a great material.
  • Do the brainstorming – if you have chosen the topic of your essay, here is the time for brainstorming. Write down randomly all your thoughts on the subject of your description before you do your research. Do not think about how chaotic your thoughts are, so all you need to do is express what you feel.
  • Do the research – now, after you have chosen your topic and expressed your first thoughts about the subject of description, do the research. In order to describe properly, you need to study the subject in depth.

What to pay attention to while writing a descriptive essay?

  • Be sincere – a descriptive essay is about emotions, your experiences and thoughts. Make sure that you define your point of view regarding the topic of discussion before you start writing. If you made up your mind, it will be much easier to write an essay.
  • Engage your senses– for an effective descriptive essay, you need to tune yourself into feeling as many sensory details as possible. Instead, use your senses and genuinely describe what you feel about the chosen subject.
  • Use correct language – try to use vivid adjectives, metaphors and similes. Do not use very official language, because in a descriptive essay we describe and express emotions as opposed to a simple explanation of how things work.

Descriptive essay is an interesting but challenging type of an essay because you need to make sure that you balance correctly between a research and a personal point of view. We hope that our tips will help you write a great descriptive essay and you will enjoy the process of writing it.

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