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Main Features of a Dissertation Conclusion

A dissertation conclusion is not the same as conclusions of other academic papers. The deal is that it focuses also on a whole summary of the research provided in the paper, alongside with its results and methods.

A good dissertation explains everything: the main aim of a paper, the results, and how everything came out. Writing a conclusion is often a tricky thing since this is the last part your reader will go through. So, the last impression will be made from the conclusion reading. That`s why you have to take great pains and make everything as accurate as possible.

What are the tips for a good dissertation conclusion writing? There are a few of them, and they are as follows:

  1. Answer the question
    Keep in mind your research problem statements, since you will have to answer them in your conclusion. This will help the readers to follow the completeness of your paper.
  2. Confirm the hypothesis
    Your conclusion has to prove or reject the hypothesis provided by you at the beginning of a paper. So, the task is about giving a final verdict concerning your research. If you are not able to do it, your paper will be completely pointless.
  3. Information issue
    Take into account that you cannot use new information in your conclusion. This will not make your essay better but lead to a bad result.
  4. Use no examples
    All kinds of examples and explanations should be excluded while writing a dissertation. This will not lead to a great impression from a reader to read something new in the last part of a paper.
  5. Avoid using First Person
    A conclusion is all about concluding the information you have used in your paper before. So, you do not need to write in a first person while completing it. It is a summary with no personal opinions needed.
  6. Do not mix the conclusion with the result. These sections are different. So, it will not go well if you just copy the content from your result section into the conclusion.
  7. Think about the length of your conclusion. It depends on the topic you are working on. The length can vary depending on it. However, it is generally believed that a conclusion should contain 3-6 sentences. The chapter should be neither long nor short.

These were the tips for a dissertation conclusion writing. If following them, no problems will occur. Check out 3 quick points you have to avoid while creating the last part of your dissertation:

  • Your conclusion should not be too long
  • Your conclusion should not be too short
  • Your conclusion should be realistic and trustworthy
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