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Main Features of a Good Dissertation Hypothesis

In other words, a dissertation hypothesis is a question you are trying to resolve and answer in your paper. At the same time, you have to keep in mind that your hypothesis should be strong and precise. To put it shortly, the following characteristics should be followed:

  • It should provide with the testable allegations. You will test the hypothesis by using a paper, in order to find logical conclusions.
  • It should serve as a statement, not a question. The hypothesis should state your position, which will be supported in your paper.
  • It should be brief but accurate. A short hypothesis is always clear and easy to be understood.
  • It should give a reference to a previous research. This will help to get closer to the context itself and highlight the contributions of a previous research.

It is not always easy to find a worthy dissertation hypothesis. However, if to search well, you will manage to find what you need. Good examples will surely improve the quality of your paper. So, here are 3 most common places, where students can get perfect dissertation hypothesis examples:

  • You can check the universities` or local libraries.
  • Ask your supervisor for some help.
  • Talk to your colleagues to get some information.

Three-Step Process of a Dissertation Hypothesis Writing

Before writing a hypothesis, you should understand that it has to be easy to read, simple, powerful, and accurate.

  1. The first step is to develop the research problem. All you need to do here is to think of a general hypothesis. While thinking about it, keep in mind all the things you have observed and got while the information gathering stage. Put all your thoughts about it on a paper and create a hypothesis for your dissertation.
  2. Once you have finished with the previous step, you have to design the experiment. It will allow a statistical analysis of data.
  3. The statistical analysis of data will give you a chance to test your hypothesis, what is the last step in its creation. Remember that through the experiments provided by you in your paper, the hypothesis needs to be proved.
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