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How Do I Complete My Homework in the Best Way?

Homework assignment is a common term denoting tasks assigned to be completed at home. The concept of homework is not so self-understood as it may seem. Even today, there is no generally accepted agreement either on the size of benefits of the homework assignment or even as regards its overall desirability. The debates on the concept of homework still continue. Some empirical data suggest that homework assignment fails to raise academic performance. According to some psychologists, homework causes stress, especially among older lower achieving students.

However, most researchers and practicians still share the belief that homework is a useful addition to class studies. So homework assignment remains an important part of most educational systems.

Since homework assignment is reality, it makes sense to optimize it by reducing its burdens and maximizing its benefits. For that purpose serve various suggestions and rules on how students should do their home assignments and how they should not. Such hints are all the more urgent as modern students have to do more homework than their counterparts have done ever before. Thus, it is undoubtedly desirable to mitigate all homework hardships and complete your home assignments with a maximum advantage.

Initial arrangements

Organization and planning

The first thing to properly tackle your everyday (or nearly everyday) homework is to consider it as a constant part of your study and make an appropriate plan of its fulfilment.

For this to be done, first you need a convenient form of presentation for all home assignments that you have on a weekly or monthly basis. This may be a simple list of your home assignments or a more complex presentation like a day planner. The form may vary, and what matters is that it will be easy for you to learn what particular home tasks you need to complete today, tomorrow, and within a few days or a longer period.

Probably the easiest way to make such reminders is producing casual notes with the numbers and pages of your home tasks. But the easiest way is not always the best way, so a more organized and detailed approach would certainly pay off. It’s preferable to write down as many as possible details of each of your assignments and to use a convenient and accurate layout of your homework items like a standard day planner.

Among other things, with a poor and inaccurate presentation of your homework, it is possible that you will simply forget about some assignments, fail to find them or fail to understand them.

Once you have your list of home assignments compiled in a more or less organized form, try to assess those assignments. You can flip through the list of math problems and define the most difficult ones. Do the same with the rest of subjects. You may even try to solve some easy problems immediately (if possible).

Here comes an important hint that can be useful to ease your homework burden: home assignments don’t actually need to wait until you get home! If you manage to look through them already in the classroom and ask your teacher questions about them, it will be way better than asking yourself the same questions at home.

A proper spot

The next and one of the foremost factors in completing your home tasks is your homework spot.

For a successful completion of your homework, you definitely need a quiet place without distractions where you could devote your homework however much time is needed. Usually it is your home, but not always. Depending on your lifestyle, it may well be another place. If it is your home, then in most cases the best place is your bedroom (with the doors closed and your family members aware that you are busy). In public, the best place is a library, including your school library. The atmosphere is quite and there are no distractions. Some students perform better if they from time to time change the place where they do homework. However, that is very individual.

A useful reserve may be the use of some time for homework while on the bus, metro or other transport. A long bus ride may be an opportunity to complete a less intensive part of your assignment.

Actual completion

A correct sequence

When you actually start doing your assignment, try to build a correct sequence. Depending on how tired you are, it may be wise to start from the hardest task or vice versa. Usually when you start doing your homework, it’s better to start from the most difficult and pressing items.

Make a timetable to distribute available time between individual tasks. You should take it into account how long it usually takes you to complete particular assignments. You may set a timer if it doesn’t disturb you. And, since you are not a robot, make sure to relax at least ten minutes each hour.

Streamlining the workplace

Another important point is to have everything in hand when you start doing homework. Your study place should have everything you may want in the process. Because if you discover that your protractor is missing in the middle of your geometry home task, hunting it around may greatly distract you. Hence, try to keep to a simple rule: you should have within your reach everything for uninterrupted work until your next break.

Performing the home tasks in a proper way

As you need to have everything necessary for your homework on your working place so you need to avoid every distraction there. Your phone, play station, computer (unless you need it to do your homework) and other possible distractions should be moved away from you when you are on your homework. It’s a good and correct idea to give your homework your undivided attention. And avoid multi-tasking! Both in the form of combining your homework with a TV serial and in the form of combining algebra with biology. Experience shows that both combinations make you get tired earlier and increase the number of errors in your homework.


And when you have finally finished your home assignment, it’s only time to review your work not to abandon it. So please don’t just jam your books into your backpack on the completion of your homework. Instead, have a short break and check everything with fresh eyes. You will certainly find typos, spelling errors and more in your recently completed home tasks. Fix them and now consider your homework done at last.

Following the above simple hints would certainly make your home assignments easier to cope with and more useful for your study.

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