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How to Write a Meta-Analysis

A meta-analysis is based on various scientific researches. It`s a kind of a statistical analysis. Different techniques are used here in order to provide a standardized and effective approach in the field of analysis. The results of such studies can be both qualitative and quantitative, they can reveal all the weak and powerful sides of this or that sphere of science.

Meta-analysis demands the great involvement of time and energy. If you decide to work on a meta-analysis, then make sure you can sacrifice a lot to create something worth attention, as it`s not only a quick overlook of some topic but a real investigation and logical conclusion.

You should understand that a meta-analysis takes place after the systematic review was completed. Meta-analysis helps draw useful and clear conclusions in any field of study. There are loads of factors that influence the efficiency of a meta-analysis, so you are to thoroughly look through them not to fail. To create a really worth analysis, make sure you are aware of all the nuances.

The aims you should take into consideration

While working on a meta-analysis, you should pay special attention to the following goals:

  • The construction of importance in statistics, where the diverging results are present
  • Research an accurate estimate of effects
  • Provide the analysis of all harms, safety measures and levels, benefits
  • Investigate the groups with own numbers, which are not statistically significant

Steps to create Meta-analysis

We can distinguish several features, which you are to consider to conduct a meta-analysis. Let`s have a closer look at them!

  • This is the very first feature you should take into consideration. Make sure that your literature research is thorough, wide enough, comprehensive, logical. You should deeply study your topic. This means looking not only for published but unpublished researches as well. These materials are called “fugitive literature”. Moreover, try to cover all the studies that are connected to your topic.
  • Cooperation with colleagues. Even if you want to conduct a meta-analysis on your own, it doesn`t mean you should exclude all kinds of collaboration with experts and people, who work on the similar programs. Collaboration is important here, as you have the chance to get some useful information, your colleagues can help with researches. This will work to your benefit and save your time for sure.
  • References and citations. You should take into consideration a great number of references, as they will help understand the topic better, which will lead you to a sound meta-analysis creation.
  • Proceed with homogenous standards. The results from the data should be standardized in accordance with set homogenous standards. This will also assist you to consider all the risks in a conduction of a good meta-analysis.
  • While working on meta-analysis, you are to note all the studies. Once you have looked through them all, you can exclude the ones, which are the least relevant to your topic. This will definitely help you to get the effective conclusions. The most essential thing, you should pay attention to is to check whether the study includes enough useful information. Then take into account the optimization of the study in accordance with your research, language and time, when the study was conducted, who were the surveys, their age and conditions of the survey. This all may have a great impact on your meta-analysis.
  • You are also to proceed with the quality assessment, as this is important for the results comprehension. Once you have gathered enough studies, you should abstract the information, which suits your analysis the best.

Getting assistance

You shouldn`t be afraid of getting someone`s help. You may be stuck on some phase of the conduction, and someone`s advice is really important to make you move forward. Look for professionals, who have created own meta-analysis successfully. Some of them can ask money for their assistance, some can do this for free. But in any case, their help is worth money. So, if you don`t feel yourself confident in something, then don`t hesitate to get useful advice.

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