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Steps to Write a Movie Review

Movies are an essential part of our life. Though, not all of them are worth our attention and time. Still, all of them are the piece of art that can be criticized and discussed. It doesn`t matter whether you like this film or not, you can write a review. Your interview should inform, entertain readers, although you shouldn`t retell the plot. Your review can be considered to be a piece of art as well.

Sometimes students are not sure how to create a stunning review, and we have gathered some useful tips on how to write a good one.

Things to start with

It`s more than obvious that the first thing you should do is to watch the movie itself. You are to be really attentive and make notes of important pieces of the plot. Afterward, sum up the film and write down things you liked and didn`t like about it.

You should also gather some general information about the film, for instance, the release date, director`s name, main actors. Then think about the mechanics of the movie, which include the work of actors and a cameraman, costume designs, soundtrack etc. As this all create the entire image of a film.

It`s unlikely to understand the film watching it for one time only, so take some time and spend one more hour or two to watch the movie again. This time you can also make notes, perhaps, some new ideas will appear.

Composing a review

  1. Make up a thesis. Your thesis should be based on your analysis. So, you should thoroughly think on your thesis statement, which is the main idea of your review. This will show what you are going to dwell on further in your assignment. Moreover, you will look like a professional, who doesn`t only retell the plot of a movie but discusses some of the main ideas shown there. It`ll make your review a piece of an art itself. You are to present your thesis statement in the first paragraph of your assignment.
  2. Give some information about the movie. Once you have presented your thesis statement, the readers should have an idea of what you are talking about. That`s why it`s important to follow them up with the plot of the film. Give information about the main ideas, characters, and events. The main rule here is not to overdo (don`t become a spoiler), as the audience should be left excited and not knowing the ending, this will encourage them to watch the movie.
  3. Proceed with the analysis. Discuss interesting elements of the movie in your paragraphs, pay attention to the cinematography, soundtrack, the setting etc. Your language should be clear and understandable for everyone. Make the flow of your thoughts interesting, so the readers stay engaged.
  4. Support your points with the examples from a movie. You can describe the scenes from the film or even quote the dialogue if this is important to show your point of view. Your readers will get a better image of the film and along with this, you will also proceed with critics.
  5. Make your review more personal. Your assignment should be filled up with your presence. You can use here your own writing style as well. Be funny or dramatic and serious. This will surely work to your benefit.
  6. End up with a conclusion. Your thesis statement should be proved once again in the conclusion. Here you are to sum up the entire review, leave some space for readers to think and make them interested to go and watch the movie themselves.

Polishing your review

  1. Edit your review. Once you are done with your assignment, edit it. Check the structure, sentences, words you use. If needed, you can delete or add something. You should look through it for several times to make sure it sounds good.
  2. Check whether you have written the proper name correctly, whether all the dates are right. Look for typos, grammar and spelling mistakes. Your review will look more professional without stupid mistakes.

Take your time and you will manage to create a worth review.

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