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How to Create a Great Position Paper

If you received a task of writing a position paper, you need to make sure that you figured out for yourself your view towards the subject before you start writing. You are also might be required to meet certain criteria so paying a careful attention to the guidelines given to you by your tutor is a must.

What is a position essay?

Position essay is a type of writing in which a person expresses his defined opinion towards a particular subject. Such pieces of writing are often called a point of view paper.

What is a purpose of a position essay?

The main point of a position essay is to convince the reader that the idea presented in the paper is the one which is fully valid. In addition to this, creating a position paper will enhance your knowledge of the subject and it will also serve as a base for your argumentation in your final resolution.

What are the main principles of a position essay?

The position essay is supposed to be:

  • Concise
  • Organized
  • Complete
  • Solution oriented
  • Convincing

Here are the aspects which you need to consider when writing a position essay

  • Use proper language. The language must be clear and straight to the point. Avoid such words as ‘maybe’, ‘possibly’, ‘perhaps’ since they might show your hesitation in terms of the message that you are trying to convey. Such wording can make your work less believable. Use strong words which will help the reader take your side.
  • Use quotes. In the position essay, you are allowed to include quotes from the respected sources which support your point of view. Be clear and precise as much as possible in order to avoid providing misleading information.
  • Use sources wisely. Nowadays, besides usual library catalogues, you have a vast amount of information available online. Take advantage of this by studying the subject thoroughly based on all possible sources, be it a library, websites or simply viewpoints of your surroundings.
  • Use your time efficiently. In order to figure out the position which you are going to take, you need to study the subject thoroughly. Make sure you start early so that your decision is studied well and your position is supported by evidence which cannot be argued on.
  • Use plagiarism check software. Obviously, in order to produce a great position essay, you need to look through a lot of information which can help you form your point of view on the subject in question. A simple check for plagiarism will help you prove that your ideas are unique are your point of view is truly yours. In this way, you can show that your thoughts are worth the attention.

Writing a position paper is easy if you determined for yourself what is your viewpoint towards a particular subject. Take some time to work on it, find valid material that supports your opinion and you will manage to convince your reader of the position that you have taken.

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