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What is a Report?

A report is usually written for a clear particular purpose. The same is about the audience. A report is a paper, where the specific information is provided, alongside with related and clear examples, evidence, and analysis around this or that issue or question.

The information you are going to present in your report should be clearly structured. It means your completed paper has to be of a proper format. It is always a good idea to use sections and headings while writing a report in order to master a paper and make a grade.

Writing Process: Completing a Report

First of all, before writing, you have to select a topic.

  1. You have to clearly understand the assignment before choosing a topic. Make sure you understand all demands and requirements concerning a report that needs to be completed. In case you have some difficulties, do not hesitate to ask your teacher or instructor for advice.
  2. Pick up a topic that interests you. It is much easier to work on a subject you like. If there are no limitations concerning the topic, pick one you are interested in. In this case, you will not have to spend hours doing something that brings you no satisfaction. While deciding which topic to choose, try to think of something original and engaging.
  3. You can always change a topic. In case you see that the topic is either too narrow or too broad, try to choose something else. If you are not required to write on a specific theme, the variety of choices is really huge.

Having chosen a topic for your report, it is high time to start a research work on it.

  1. Stick to the task. Make sure that you have enough material on the particular topic that will cover the length requirements.
  2. Visit the library. It is a good place to find trustworthy information for writing a report. Go there and search for any topic-related information. You can also ask a librarian for assistance. With the printed material, you can also use the Internet. However, while using websites, make sure they are truly reputable.
  3. Keep tracks of all information you have found. Make some notes of each source you are using. It will help you later while creating a bibliography for your report.

After this, you have to prewrite your essay and create an outline. When you are done with it, start writing your report.

  1. Write an introduction. This part of a report needs to introduce your topic and state a thesis. It should sound engaging in order to grab readers` attention. The introduction needs to contain some background information since the readers have to get to know what the whole report will be about.
  2. Write your body paragraphs. They all should contain your evidence that supports your thesis. Each body paragraph should start with a topic sentence, which introduces the main idea of a particular paragraph.
  3. Write a conclusion. It is a part of a report, where you need to summarize your thesis and provide your final thoughts on a chosen topic.
  4. Cite your sources. They should be cited in the format and style required by your instructor. Try to follow all that requirements in order to do everything properly and succeed with your report.

Final touches to your report writing:

  1. Read the essay through and see whether it goes smoothly. Make sure you have written to the point.
  2. Give your paper to someone else to read and get a feedback on your work.
  3. Proofread your report. It is always important to check the spelling, grammar, punctuation before handing a report in.
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