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The writer I got matched with was an expert in economics and knew exactly what the essay question was asking. He really helped me write this paper and succeed with the assignment.

Summary (Economics) pages: 2

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This is incredible! Words cannot express how much your help has lightened my load over the past four months. I am so grateful.

Career Choice (English) pages: 6

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The paper has rich and thoughtful messages. To me, it is impressive. Thank you so much.

Sexuality and Shame (English) pages: 1

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Thank you for your work. I appreciate it very much. The author’s writing style is very similar to mine and I love that.

Mental Health Discussion (Nursing) pages: 2

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I was satisfied with my final revised work, and the writer left me a lovely message explaining his changes, and answered additional questions I had. I hope to receive high grades!

The Struggle for Muslims Living in the US (Sociology) pages: 3

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You can’t even imagine how much easier you make my life. I have almost finished this semester, so I am sure we will be in touch again soon with the next subject.

The Field Of Psychology (Psychology) pages: 3

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You are making my life so much easier! I am a single mom that works and goes to school. You guys are helping me with my projects so I can have more free time with my son.

Nurses and Covid-19 (Nursing) pages: 5

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Your ability to write concisely is a finding. The paper has a solid argument. It’s clear that the writer understood central claim about the topic. He also presented original ideas to consider.

Literature Review (Sociology) pages: 3

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That paper got the highest grade in my class and the professor thinks I’m the smartest student.

Physical Exercise Planning for Performance (Sports) pages: 4

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Superior and fast service! I totally love being your customer! You are always the best choice.

Writer’s Choice (Cultural and Ethnic Studies) pages: 5