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Manage Your Text Easily with This Case Converter

When we need to write something, we resort to using our word-processing programs or special applications. But sometimes, everyone can get distracted and forget to change the language or turn on the caps lock. And then you look at the screen and sigh from despair – now you have to write the entire document again. Sounds scary, but in fact, there is a very simple solution – turn to the sentence case converter. It will instantly turn pieces of text into any case that you need. Find out more about this online all caps converter below.

Change Case in Your Text with This Handy Tool

Whenever you have a need to change case and don’t feel like doing it manually (nobody would, actually), try the new case converter available online. It accurately changes your text from uppercase to lowercase, and lowercase to uppercase as well converts capitalization. Such an efficient application will be useful for everyone, especially for those who don’t know how to convert text cases and capitalize words in Word or Notepad.

Furthermore, this online case converter does its job incredibly fast – with only one click, you’d be able to change the whole document.

The Instruction on Using a Free Online Caps Converter

To convert text between lower case, upper case and sentence case, all you need to do it to copy and paste the contents of your document in the program box. Then, click on the particular button from the selection of options that include:

  • Upper case, which turns all letters into capitals.
  • Lower case, which on the contrary converts them into small letters.
  • Title case that makes every first letter capitalized.
  • Sentence case that capitalizes only the first letter of each sentence.

In the end, you copy the modified text and save it to your desktop.

Improve Your Text with Title Case Converter

To sum up, it’s definitely easy and convenient to use a smart lowercase converter. With it, you convert as much text as needed between uppercase and sentence case, and make lowercase and capitalize letters. No need to rewrite your message, the free online converter is at your service to set the case transform.