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How to Write a Good Coursework

Exams are an obligatory part of studying in college. However, writing a coursework can enhance your overall grade, so making an effort to create a great piece of writing is needed if you want to prove that you studied well.

What is a coursework?

Coursework is an academic paper which is usually used to assess many GCSE and A-level subjects. It is an opportunity to show your academic abilities and showcase what you have learned during a certain period of studying. You get a chance to present how good is your knowledge of the subject and how well you learned to do research experiment and write.

Key principles of writing a coursework

  • Start early – no matter what, start working on your paper as early as possible. Writing a coursework is an important task, so it is better to start working on it as soon as you can. You will have greater chances not to miss a deadline.
  • Choose a subject that you are interested in – the more you like the topic of your coursework, the higher quality of your work will be. Your enthusiasm will help you create a great piece of writing and will make the whole process enjoyable.
  • Arrange communication with your tutor – choose a way of communication with your mentor in order to get guidance in the process of writing your work. You may meet your instructor in person regularly, write emails or even discuss issues over the phone.
  • Avoid plagiarism – it is very tempting to “copy-paste” someone else’s work, but it is better to avoid it at all cost. Your work can be disqualified, so make sure that you write it in your own unique way and writing style.
  • Manage your time – it is extremely important to plan the whole process beforehand and follow the milestones that you marked. You can adjust the speed of the writing process as you go, but following your schedule will help you reach your goal.

Important steps to remember

  • Proofreading and editing – this part of the writing process is very important since you can view the errors which you did not see before. You can also show your work to your friend or tutor, for them to spot the mistakes.
  • Word count and formatting – font, spacing, page numbers also require special attention. Your completed work should be easy to read and it needs to be consistent throughout all your work. Do not forget to check the word count according to the instructions of your tutor.
  • Manage bibliography on time – do not underestimate the importance of this stage of writing. Make sure you correctly use citations and footnotes. Follow the common guidelines and list all external sources that you used. Remember that they may be checked, so avoid cheating at all cost.

Writing a coursework is a challenging task, but spending some time and making a great effort will help you shine in front of your tutors and fellow peers. Plan carefully, make a thorough research and you will be able to write a successful coursework.

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