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Creating a Writing Daily Habit

Becoming a writer is not an easy task, as it does not only require talent but skills and efforts as well. Luckily, writing is a skill that can be developed. The best way to improve the way you write is to practice day after day.

Write Something Every Day

The key moment here is to find enough self-discipline and do not skip a single day. It does not matter if it is a day off, a holiday, or even your birthday, your goal is to create a piece of writing. It can be anything you like: an article, a post in your blog, some observations, a poem, a short story.

Define the Number of Words

It is up to you to pick a number of words which you are to write on a daily basis. It can be 300 words if you are just at the beginning of turning writing into a habit. You should also have a time limit. E.g. you should write 300 words within 2 hours. Such an exercise keeps you disciplined. As soon as this goal is achieved daily without much effort, you can increase the number of words to 500. Do not forget to challenge yourself!

Write About Your Passion

If you are the beginner writer, the best thing is to start writing about something that evokes emotions in you. Something you are passionate about. Are you going in for sports? Describe that. If you are crazy about new technologies or inventions, start a scientific blog. Do you have a well-developed imagination? Start writing a story!

Publishing Is not Necessary

If you think about where to publish your pieces of writing, do not worry about that. There is no need to share it in the first stage. Just focus on words, sentences, paragraphs, and the gist. As soon as you obtain some essential writing skills, you can create a blog or publish your results on websites to receive an objective opinion from other people.

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The Results Are Not Satisfying

Some people may find it extremely hard to write. They are not satisfied with the results and give up the exercises soon. Please do not do this and keep trying. Even if your writing is bad at the moment, it will improve over time. Your brain will become more creative; you will find appropriate phrases faster, and the overall quality of your abstracts will be much better.

Try not to Be Disturbed

It is important not to be distracted during your exercises, as you may lose an idea, a train of thoughts or even an inspiration. However, sometimes emergencies arise and you cannot ignore them. Then, make sure you reach your goal by the end of the day.

How Much Time to Practice

It is quite individual and we cannot tell exactly how much time it takes to build a writing habit. It can be two months or even more. One thing is clear: you cannot start writing like a professional within three-four weeks of hard work.

As you can see, it is possible to become a good writer if you put some efforts into it every day. So, stay calm and keep writing.