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Parting with Education Life

Goodbye Education Life

In 1986 the first issue of Education Life (one of the tabloids) published an article which touched upon the problem of undergraduate students being frazzled, spending lots of time in search of highly-paid job whereas there were lots of various programs suggesting promising careers and modern stadiums turned to appear around the country. Has anything changed within this period of time? Has there been any transformation? In 2017 students are still full of anxiety, the arms race is continuing, general knowledge sciences fall farther behind businesses and now there appeared new technologies and lots more changes…

How do the Modern Education Institutions Look Like?

Being reluctant to all the changes taking place in the society nowadays, longing for the cachet, higher educational institutions turned to be defective businesses. There are plenty of colleges which are completely disconnected from the practical concerns of everyday life being an environment of intellectual pursuit striving for the “brightest” students and pretending to implement reforms. They provide too much education losing too many students. The price is too high.

A strange fact is that according to some surveys while the majority of Americans treat colleges in an unfavorable way the rest of the world just are jealous of American higher education. Americans simply underestimate their achievements in educating children, training professionals and encouraging groundbreakers, though. The consequences in less than 20 years may be as following – public universities in such states as Colorado and Alaska won’t get any state funding.

Who is to be blamed?

However, educational magazines are taking too hard on colleges and schools claiming that not many results have been achieved. It may seem that the modern education system is covering up with myriads of innovative educational legislation that sometimes work only on paper. But it does not stop the progress. The priorities in education have changed dramatically: the modern world establishes new standards that the young adults have to correspond turning their mind to STEM rather than liberal arts.

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Students are stressed and the arm race is still gaining force but it is unfair to forget about all the enhancements we managed to achieve since the past decades: facilitating schools and colleges for disabled students, increased levels of students of color entering schools, technical and laboratory institutions development for students practicing. Occurring declines in general family incomes influence the abilities of the society to the proper education undoubtedly. Thus, it is not fair to blame education system in particular: only a general method of addressing all the constituent parts, such as: education, financing, healthcare and work opportunities providing can improve the situation and raise the desire to study. Economic problems are educational problems. If the government faces this truth the evolution of education will finally appear off the paper.