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The Vanishing American Grads

Where are American Maters?

The ethnical diversity for Bachelor’s and Master’s programs will stun you with a great difference.  According to the statistics, the percentage of American residents during undergraduate studies makes 80, while only about 20 percent accounts for the Master’s and Postgrad programs. Almost 80 percent of Masters are from India, Korea, Turkey and China.

Americans tend not to go for a Masters degree especially for STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). It turns out they have simple and justified reason for this.

First of all, the computer science field does not require much the academic Mater’s or Post grad knowledge for working in a company. This branch of technology is looking for applied skills and good practical abilities. However, Master students are indeed valued more, in this sphere of science Bachelors will run against Masters on equals and the victory remains after more skilled one.  In America a graduate Bachelor student can get a place in famous companies such as Google, Microsoft or Amazon, if he or she is well-enough prepared, talented and smart.

The majority of American students regard postgrad programs as a waste of time that could have brought some income by now.  Money is an issue not only in this term: student simply may not afford paying for Master’s degree, as they have college loans already. If your diploma fits all the requirements to reach the top what wound you choose: pursue a career right away and earn money or continue studying?

Why do International Student get Master in America?

For foreign students Master programs make an absolutely different point. Mainly because there are much more Master’s programs for international education than for Bachelor because it is more specific and prepares more highly specialized students. Most international diplomas do not work for applying for a job in United States, so the only way to get a dream job is to enter to college here in order to get a qualitative diploma.

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Moreover, take a social aspect into consideration. Would you send 17-18 years old kids across the sea for the first time by themselves to grasp the science? Probably, it’s worth of giving it a second thought. That is why, international student, or rather their parent, choose post graduation programs. However, the tension going on around the restriction of international workers flow is making things hard.

Employers believe that both young talented and elder experienced works contribute to the company image: their knowledge helps the companies remain relevant on the market globally. Understanding the demands from different counties around the world enriches the influence on the market and improves product placement and product design.

The only field of higher education that has a flow of American student going in for Master’s degree is liberal arts. The thing is that there are not so many opportunities for students to work in this sphere. So student tend to pursue the liberal acts’ academic career because of the lack of decent chances to work for corporations and make good money.  A sad but true story…