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Grads of Small Colleges Earn As Much As Top Schools’ Grads

Are you one of those who think that only studying at elite college will ensure your high salary after graduation? Are you adamant that for a great career the only thing that you need is a Yale diploma? Studying at the unknown college is a no-no for you and you think of this as of a failure? We will surprise you now by presenting the results of a recent Payscale survey.

Obviously, studying at Harvard, Princeton or Stanford will increase the chances of getting a six-figure salary. An average wage of a top college graduate mid-way through the career is about $150,000.

Here come the surprising results of the survey. You don’t have to study at the most privileged college in order to receive a six-figure salary. In the course of the survey, it was discovered that the graduates of some not so well-known institutions earn $157,400 on average.

The survey proves that being accepted to the famous college does not guarantee an impressive salary while small and unknown schools can give you enough knowledge to excel in your future career.

Besides, by entering a seemingly mediocre educational establishment, you can save money in the long run. You don’t need to take a huge loan for your graduation so you can have a debt-free education. You don’t have to pay for the glamour of a prestigious private school in order to land yourself a six-figure salary after the graduation.

In a nutshell, you need to decide for yourself what exactly you expect from the place of your future studying. Is it a great school name that attracts you? If yes, are you prepared to pay a hefty price for it? Or possibly you want to get knowledge while paying as less as possible for studying at the school with no famous name? We’ve given you food for thought so define your priorities and make sure that you make the right choice perfectly suitable for you.