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Jaguar seeking Student Engineers to Design Software

When you want to talk about magnificent looking cars then the Jaguar will certainly come to mind. Jaguar has been known to produce very many different and fine models of cars in the past. Now they are giving students in the fields of computer science, electronics or software engineering the opportunity to be able to design software for the future Jaguar Land Rover cars. The company has said they want to fast track the dates for unveiling their new classic.

This program is open to students either at the undergraduate or postgraduate levels,

So where will successful applicant work? Guess you not the only one interested in the answer to that question. Applicants that are accepted to this program will be working with the ACES strategy- Autonomous, connected, Electrified and Shared. Successful applicants will be working in the US, China, or the UK. Applicants need to be aware that there is a postgraduate opportunity in the United States.

The past decade has seen the automotive industry making giant strides in every aspect of car productions, there have been great changes to the body shapes and also to the amount of power the engines produce, changes to the number of gas emissions and also recently we are talking about electric cars and driverless cars. The very many modifications and developments happening in the industry have challenged every car manufacturers to step up their game.

With all these changes coming to play, the car industry, therefore, needs engineers who will be on hand to help design and develop future electrical systems. So Jaguar is not going to be left behind, that was why they have created this program so they can maintain and ensure that they always provide the best when it comes to the electrical systems of their cars. A total number of 2,400 young and vibrant graduate and apprentices have been added to its ranks since the past five years. Jaguar is still very much in the market hiring more as they want to have their engineering and technical staff fully ready and suited to meet the needs of this present times.

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Some of the reasons for these changes can be seen in the clean, safe and smart ways technologies have been evolving and Jaguar certainly want to be a leader when talking about the new generation of cars. The advanced software systems will include electrical architecture, cyber security, and functional safety.

This era has seen so many damages caused by cyber hacking and failures in safety functions in cars.  Consumers want to have total control of their vehicle with the knowledge that all functions are working perfectly and they can be safe even in any case of an accident. Though the wants and desires of humans are difficult to meet, yet Jaguar is doing everything within its power to ensure the future cars it produces will meet its customers’ needs and at the same time meet all the environmental and societal standards. With the quality of engineers being recruited and trained it is certain that the future of cars will belong to Jaguar.