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Writing Guide: Tips on Writing a Bio for Social Media, Work, or Website.

Can you describe your personality in just a few words? Does it seem a daunting task to you? If only phrases like “woman searching job,” or “good employee” come to your mind, you should read this article. Actually, crafting a mastery of writing a bio is quite challenging; defining yourself in just three words is even more complicated.

But anyone can do it with a little time and effort. Devoting some time to get to know yourself better is an excellent exercise to improve your writing skills.

Furthermore, it can be one of the meaningful moments of your development as an individual. Below, we describe some ways you can use to compose your bio and provide a general template along with a few quick tips.

Writing a Short Bio

Usually, when we talk about online bios, several general short bio examples come to our mind. Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest all provide 1-2 lines for a brief description of you. And your task is to use these few lines you are afforded there in the most useful way. Keep it concise and provide only the most significant points that a stranger should know about you:

  • Name
  • Role
  • Primary goal
  • Main accomplishment

Writing a Professional Bio

Every professional resource like LinkedIn provides space for a bio or summary section. In any of these, you are allowed to describe your current role along with ambitions and most significant achievements. Such kind of bio allows you to include more details than the brief social media bios. Typically, it is recommended to provide the following information:

  • Name
  • Current function or professional tagline
  • Company or professional brand
  • Goals and ambitions
  • A couple of most significant and relevant accomplishments
  • A bizarre fact
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Writing a Bio for Work

Do you need to compose a bio for your company’s site or HR system? Provide your coworkers with information about your professional expertise, along with some idea of your personality. Include all the data that you would provide in a professional bio, and go further by personalizing it with some personal details. Indicate your hobby, or a favorite movie, or anything else that you are passionate about. By mentioning such things, you provide your coworkers with some idea of your personality before they start working with you.

Writing a Bio for Your Website

The “About” section of a personal website often becomes a nightmare. You have already crafted an entire site about yourself, and it is quite challenging to compose a final section. But it is a feasible task. Just keep in mind that this section should not be too complicated. Here, you have enough space to write about your main achievements and explain why they are significant. Also, you can include an extra paragraph about who you are in your personal life. Besides, it is recommended to provide a contact form or email, so your potential clients, or employers, could contact you quickly. If you decide to do so, make sure to include a call to action for the readers to get in touch.

Bio Template

Even when you have an understanding of various types of bios, you can still feel uncertain about how to start. Here is a template that can be used across most sites.

First and last name

Company or brand

Current role. You can simply indicate the title or include a brief descriptive phrase about your role here.

The primary goal and main values. You can create a statement describing your ethos.

Top three achievements

Optionally, you can add one or two sentences describing who you are and what you do outside of work.

Depending on the purpose of your bio, you can include the contact information.

3 Quick Tips on Crafting a Bio

Even some of the most confident people confess that self-promotion is still tiresome for them. Here are some more tips that will help you create an excellent “about me” piece writing.

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Do not overthink it. Generally, bios are formulaic — and it is normal. For a professional bio, LinkedIn summary, or speaker bio at any event, there is no necessity to stray from the template to sound original. You can make your bio unique simply by adding an adjective that reflects your personality or extraordinary achievement.

Remember your worth. Composing a short bio on social media websites often becomes an intimidating task because there are already thousands of fantastic bios out there. But you should not fall prey to bio comparison! Everyone has his/her own story to tell, and every story has value. Just concentrate on staying genuine and forget about the others.

Do not be afraid to borrow. Bios are often repetitive. So if you find a structure that you like and sounds original, boldly borrow it. But do not confuse borrowing to copying! You can use the structure and make the bio sound like you.