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Graduation day. What you should avoid

Things not to do at graduation

If you don’t want to make an impression of an irresponsible individual, you should think of your graduation day ahead of time and get ready for all kinds of unexpected outcomes. We are more than sure you know what do, but here are a few universal tips in case you are too nervous to stick to a certain plan:

  1. Do not be late for an event. Though it may seem normal to show up late for class, your teachers will frown upon you if you decide that your graduation day is the perfect opportunity to ignore the etiquette and present yourself with half of your hair curled and outfit messed up. To avoid this, set an alarm clock and make some strategic moves like choosing a dress or a suit beforehand and discussing your commencement speech with a dean.
  2. Do not wear inappropriate clothes. The majority of students think that graduation day is an ideal chance to put on something extravagant and eye-catching. We would like to make a few remarks, however. Dressing up does not equal choosing an outfit that is too daring or walking in heels that are too high. A fashion tip for girls would be the following: if you are confident enough to impress the audience and leave everyone breathless, while having an amazing body balance, then opt for a pair of stilettos. In other cases, leave killer shoes for another occasion, and buy ballet flats, which are safe and cute at the same time.
  3. Do not get distracted during the speech. It can be easy to zone out during a speech, but you should remember it is always impolite to be sitting with your phone while your groupmates do their best to deliver a line, worth a thousand dollars. Besides, your graduation day happens once in a lifetime, and you cannot allow yourself to get distracted now and again. If you know you are not going to listen to the performances in any case, think of a safe way to pretend that you are attentive. You can even chat with your friend and exchange impressions, if you are sitting far from the lecturer and the public attention.
  4. Do not underestimate the importance of the day. Many of us are guilty of downplaying the importance of an event. We think that our hard work and sleepless nights do not count, yet we are wrong. Remember the hardships, the downfalls and the troubles, combined with moments of truth and happiness, and never neglect the value of the day, especially if your friends and relatives are invited to share your emotions. We would highly recommend you to take as many pictures as you can and have the time of your life!
  5. Do not forget about decorations. Nowadays, there are plenty of tutorials, focused on decorating, and it’s up to you to decide whether you want your cap to be adjusted traditionally, or still prefer something that is out of the ordinary, yet cute enough to become an object of immediate attention. It is also important to know that you are going to do your hair, so you should leave some space for your cap to be adjusted properly.
  6. Do not assume you know everything now. Some of us falsely decide that graduation day equals a life in the adult surroundings, devoid of troubles. Sometimes, however, we still have to learn. Though an event like this definitely means a new chapter in education and it seems like there will be no essay papers from now on, you can always find ways to expand your vocabulary, write an academic work or complete an assignment that seemed impossible. You don’t have it all figured out – you have the world, that is yet to be conquered, before you.