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Your Perfect Conference Paper

All of us have had experience in making a presentation of something at least once in life, either at school or at work. Conference presentation, in addition to its speaking part, also implies writing a kind of academic paper that will be given to commentators before your performance.

Such events tend to publish abstracts of papers that were presented or copy them for those who could not make it to the conference. For this reason, a well-written conference paper is as important as being ready to speak in front of a public. Are you ready for that?

Pros of a good abstract

Let’s have a look at three main reasons why it is better to create a good abstract:

  1. An abstract from your conference paper provides organizers of the event with a brief overview of your topic and summary of the results you got. It is used for referring the paper to a certain category and grouping it with similar papers which helps to schedule time and location of your presentation;
  2. An abstract provides attendees with a brief summary of your presentation so that they have a chance to make the best use of it during the conference. It gives an opportunity to choose the most interesting topics and distribute time wisely;
  3. An abstract provides the viewers of your presentation with a possibility to prepare questions in advance.

Giving a summary of your results, you can use a good abstract as an essential part that lets people know what you used for getting these conclusions. It is necessary to include the motivation that drove you to work and indicate the problem you examined. Define what approach you used and report the results by presenting your conclusions.

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What makes a paper effective?

Four key indicators of a good conference paper are preparation, organization, content, and references. Why? First of all, it helps you organize your thoughts. You can generate the first draft of it when preparing for speaking part and it will become a great place for revising the paper based on the questions attendees ask you at the end. Second of all, it should have a logical sequence: significant thoughts need to be also included to evaluate the results.

The content you write should be minimized by speaking but include a maximum detailed description of the work done on paper. The results report should be as big as the whole speaking part and you need to explain your conclusions in direction of the work on it in future. The main focus of your paper needs to be put on the part you will be presenting at a conference, so do not include anything else that may blur the line between it.

The last part but very important: mention all the references you used to investigate this problem. The more you include, the better will be the final paper because it will prove that you did a great job and examined the field from different sides presenting an original work.