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8 Ways College Influences You in

Ways college influences you Post

College time is not just about living for learning, reading books, writing essays, dissertations, etc. There is much more you can get from there. You will surely notice how college changes your subconscious mind by affecting your perspective and attitude towards the world. Here are some transformations you might go through while being in this chapter of your life.

1. You Learn to Take Responsibility

Responsibility is something that can be learned outside classroom walls, but college gives you more than enough opportunities to make your own decisions and learn by your own mistakes. The moment when strict schedules and hovering parents stay behind, you might be tempted by all that freedom. Whether you want to eat junk food this night or skip your class tomorrow, it’s up to you now. Just don’t try to put the blame on others while facing the consequences. At some point, you will have to take the reins and become more responsible for managing your own things.

2. You Become Independent

Entering the campus may seem scary and exciting at the same time. Once the first shock is gone, you will start noticing a world of opportunities opening in front of your eyes. Eventually, you will find yourself doing certain things independently, whether it is cooking, shopping, or studying. Being able to take care of yourself, both emotion- and practice-wise, is crucial for becoming an independent member of society. In this way, college makes it possible for you to uncover the person that you have been all along.

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3. You Face Diversity

The best thing about college is the opportunity to meet all sorts of people coming from all over the world and somehow meeting in the same place. Thus, be ready to find a common language with people of different races, cultures, genders, religions, and social backgrounds. In this way or another, you will be influenced by knowing and being around them. As time goes on, you will learn to choose who to spend your time with.

4. You Find a Purpose

College is the right time for you to take ownership of your life. What do you want to be? Where do you see yourself in the future? What are your life expectations? Whatever beliefs you have, college allows you to check if that’s truly what you feel and think. This process can be comforting and terrifying all at once.

5. You Grow Up

Being an adult is not about aging but rather about acting maturely. This means learning to accept the outcomes of your decisions and choices, no matter how bad they may be. No one is there to wake you up for your class or remind you of anything important. You can only count on yourself and if something goes wrong, it’s all on you. However, the good thing is that you have a bunch of resources to make it through any “adult” mission.

6. You Discover the World around You

In college, you’re surrounded by hundreds of people, having different backgrounds and going dealing with various life situations. Suddenly, you notice that each case has unique consequences so that you should learn to act spontaneously. College opens you up and makes you see further than your nose.

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7. You Gain Life Experiences

Have you ever prepared yourself for an exam in just one night? Has your car ever broken down several miles away from the campus? Or have you ever struggled to find a common language with some people from your class? If no, you will surely learn how to get through it. Such stories will become good topics for laughing one day… eventually.

8. You Can’t Give Less of a Damn

By the end of college, you start thinking less about what other people think about you. No matter how careless it may seem, it’s not a bad thing. No one is perfect. Logically, you can’t be admired by everyone! Just accept it and go on with life!