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Words and Phrases, or How to Get Strengthen in Writing

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The century of media and communication has showered us with unknown phrases and neologisms that have to be explained to the public. This informal attitude has been transferred to the sphere of academic essays.

Students are trying to stay in touch with modern demands while appearing knowledgeable about the subject.

They are often found wandering the forums and public discussions about the use of slang expressions in the text. The theme may be a tricky one, but there is a universal answer here. You can deal with the brand new names and phrases in situations that demand friendly interactions. Your academic assignment, on the other hand, requires an attitude that would entail the use of the specific language. We are here to present the linguistic constructions that improve the content and make the essay prominent.

Common Use of Phrases: Applying the Method

These are mainly reserved for the expression of thoughts that do not need informality to support them:

  • In addition, what is more, adding to what has been said. As we mentioned previously, it is good to keep the entire flow of words intact. If you do not wish to interrupt the pattern, this type of usage is the most common. Many students realize the importance of phrases that are meaningless at first glance. However, they add formality to the academic assignment and make the overall grading higher.
  • In my opinion, I believe that, in my mind, from what I understand, I perceive this to be. These are the most suitable introductions to a statement that has a personal vibe. Although the same constructions are not excluded from informal greetings, they are most frequently found in business correspondence. Opinion starters allow us to negotiate between coworkers and produce documents that would be both effective and succinct. The body of an essay may also contain similar expressions, used for the sake of a serious approach. Writers are often told to embellish their content with patterns that indicate their attitude.
  • This suggests the conclusions are as follows, summarizing the statement. Whenever you start the sentence with a suggestion, this means you do not wish to be associated with a certain opinion. The distancing language is also the one that shows the readers you are not prepared to accept a specific viewpoint. These tendencies in writing are reasonable since they permit the authors to be objective about the prose. However, you should remember that essays are generally intended for a broader audience. Even if you believe that these phrases will work wonderfully, you still have to check in with the people, following you daily.
  • This is the vivid proof of, we have established the fact that this has been confirmed by. Any opener that has the same pattern as described above indicates your ultimate confidence. In this case, the researchers do not have to deal with the text twice. They know that they are currently promoting a very strong position on the academic market and won’t let go of the stereotypical topic starters. These have been in use for months. Now, they are coming in handy for the writers who prefer their fair share of work to be carved out for them. We can’t undermine the essential factors that have an impact on the phrase usage. The following strategy is supporting the idea that has already been developed.
  • To put in simple terms, I would like to mention, in other words. These are the structures that comprise the core of the essay. They allow us to maintain the continual word flow without having to interrupt ourselves. Moreover, the same constructions can be altered in a different manner to please the target audience or the lecturers. In an essay, you have to be flexible around the academic phrases in order to shine. If you feel the need to explain the issue or start rounding up the theme, this is an ideal tactic.