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Which Companies Are Working On Educational Programs In VR?

It goes without saying that Virtual Reality can change the way we learn and teach.  VR is powerful for education because it enhances student engagement and learning. The current educational process is not suitable for digital generation anymore. That`s why we should apply new technologies that could change the learning environment completely.

There are a lot of companies that are working on education in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to make it more engaging and beneficial for students:

Alchemy VR

Alchemy VR combines technical innovation and storytelling to create breathtaking and unique experiences. This company cooperates with Australian Museum in Sydney, Samsung, the Natural History Museum London, HNC, Sony and Google Expeditions. You will be able to get a unique educational experience. You can dive deep beneath the waves on the Great Barrier Reef, discover Galapagos Islands, take a journey through Dubai, see the Rainforest Biome and descend into Bikini`s tropical lagoon.



Curiscope definitely knows how to bring learning to life and develop a love for science. You will have the opportunity to explore the human body in a unique way. Just put the interactive t-shirt on your mom or dad and launch the application to find out everything about the wonders of our body.

Schell Games

This game development company combines education and entertainment to provide students with the unique learning experience. Their talented team of producers, game designers, engineers, and artists do their best to create educational and meaningful VR games that can get students interested in learning. Learn more by playing such games as Happy Atoms, Water Bears VR, Baker Street Experience, Enemy Mind, InnerCube, and others.

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ThingLink is an engaging program that will help teachers and students produce interactive multimedia presentations with the use of 360 images and videos. Students will have the opportunity to construct their knowledge about a particular topic by using the base image.


Learn about human anatomy, space, and history with the use of the largest platform for VR educational experiences. Unimersiv will help students learn various topics 100 times faster via Virtual Reality. You can learn about Dinosaurs in VR, explore Ancient Rome in VR and even explore the Titanic like never before.

Immersive VR Education

Immersive VR Education will definitely change your outlook on the world. This company has created a lecture hall, where you can create your own VR education courses to educate the world. Immersive VR Education changes the way educational content is delivered. Students will be provided with the unique way of learning because they will be placed in any real world or virtual situations.


zSpace enables students to integrate their lives with a virtual reality system. You can take advantage of such learning applications as Curie`s Elements, Getting Started, VIVED Anatomy, Virtual Automotive Expert, Franklin`s Lab, Newton`s Park and others. You have just to wear the special glasses to interact with your screen in a three-dimensional space.

Google Expeditions Pioneer Program

Google has decided to bring augmented reality experiences into classrooms with the use of Expeditions Pioneer Program. Students will be definitely impressed with such new technologies because they will be able to take a trip to different exotic locations, explore a strand of DNA, witness an intense hurricane and experience an active volcano.

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Discovery VR

Explore new places, characters and ideas with the use of the Discovery VR app. Just find the best way to explore the globe! Swim with elephants, rescue rhinos or get your share of adventures by taking part in Samurai sword fights in Japan. Now Discovery allows you to share your amazing stories with other students.

EON Reality

EON Reality takes human-computer interaction to a new level. This new classroom technology empowers students and helps them learn faster and remember longer. EON Reality company proves that futuristic VR and AR futuristic technologies are on the horizon. With this easy-to-use lesson creation solution teachers will be able to create AR and VR training without any problems.