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Comprehensive Guide on Writing Process in Details

Every writer will agree that no matter what type of a think piece you are working on; this activity is unique and individual. Writing cannot be compared to work with any device or appliance. Thus, there is no guide that can guarantee a successful outcome. All creative processes presuppose that they are different and require individual approach otherwise they are not creative.

Some writers craft their works only when they have inspiration, others try to make an everyday plan and systemize their activities. There is no ready solution that will bring you many thousand audiences and success since a lot of things depend on you. However, there are some definite rules and steps that provide general but effective assistance for arranging your work. All you need to do is to customize them for your needs and follow your own strategy.

Work out the short, basic story

To write a story or a novel you need to spend several weeks or months. However, before starting with the main content, you need to think about the basic idea of your work. To accelerate your work and to keep all necessary details in your mind it is better you spent an hour or two and write a basic outline of your work. When your work is long lasting, in a few weeks you just can lose important ideas and things that occur to your mind at the initial stage. Besides, when you have a short outline of your story, you have the feeling that half of the work is done.

Decide on the characters

Your story can include several characters and if you are writing a novel, there can be even more of them. Thus, before setting to work you need to decide on the main character and his or her story. When working on a short story, it is very important to avoid overwhelming with the great number of characters. Do not confuse your readers and make correct emphasis. Most of the descriptions should be devoted to the protagonist and his or her story should matter the most.

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Make an excellent introduction

The opening to your story is like a movie trailer. Will you view the film if the trailer did not attract you? The same situation is with stories and books. Your task is to create a concise and thrilling introduction to your further story. Make the reader wonder what will happen next.

Undertake some research

Most of the writers omit this stage considering that by different linguistic and stylistic means they can make their story funny and awesome without any boring facts. Thus, when you know the facts it does not mean that you need to bore your readers with them. However, any background research brings a solid framework for your story. Besides, when you receive questions in regard to your work such research activities are of great use and provide you with the opportunity to use facts.

Set to writing and editing

To succeed with a great story one need to overcome routine circles of endless writing and editing. Experienced writers know that this is an inevitable part of writing work. This is boring, exhausting and endless activity, but you need to think about it with a positive attitude. Every new draft and every new editing refines your work and makes it better.

Practice, try, do not give up

The practice and talent are core points to success. When the second mostly does not depend on you, the first one should become your focal point. You need to work hard, write a lot of content, experiment with styles. No doubt, that you may face difficulties and failures, but life is a struggle and the life of the writer is not an exception.