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7 attractive places that tourists prefer to visit in Austria

From high mountains and beautiful nature to modern cities – Austria is able to offer travelers a lot of interesting things and places to see. It is the country where each corner has prepared for tourists its “tasty morsel”. With its magnificent nature and a numerous picturesque places, Austria welcome all its visitors offering them a diversity of things what to do and to see there. See our seven points, which you have to visit being in this really charming country.

Climb Grossglockner

Grossglockner in translation from the local – a large bell, the height of which is 3798 meters. The mountain is very popular in Europe. It is the highest peak in the country which is located on the border of Carinthia and Eastern Tyrol. The pyramidal actually consists of two peaks: Grossglockner and Kleinglockner. They say that this mountain is easy to climb, but you have to be experienced in such kind of activity.

Make a visit to Vienna

It is the capital and also the largest city of Austria. With its millennial history, picturesque galleries, concert halls and the world-renowned Vienna Opera, it has become the cultural capital of Europe. In the city you can find practically all types and forms of art. There is an abundance of great architecture, museums and the most popular attractions. Vienna is considered to be one of the most beautiful, magnificent and charming cities which is worth to visit.

Enjoy the vacation in Hallstatt

It is a small village with a long and extremely interesting history which is located on the banks of the Hallstätter lake. There is the Hallstatt museum, where tourists are able to learn all history of this wonderful place. There you can make an exciting day trip with your family to the salt mine and its tower with a gorgeous panoramic views.

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View Schlegeis Lake

The Zillertal valley, which is in Austria, is a very beautiful place with different lakes. There are 5 of them and they are all artificial. Schlegeis is one of them which is surrounded by mountains and it looks really amazing. Fans of outdoors activities like this place very much. Here you can have a great time admiring the natural beauties.

Sky in Arlberg

Skiing in Austria is a real lifestyle. Arlberg is considered to be the most popular ski resort and the locals call it a cradle of skiing in the Alps. There are special school where tourists have the opportunity to learn the skiing techniques. Enjoy professional skiing on beautiful equipped slopes and get acquainted with sport centers which include pools, saunas and rollers, as well as take advantage of the services of the most exciting excursion.

Winter hiking in Eisriesenwelt

Ica Cave Eiriesenwelt – this is the largest cave covered with ice in few kilometers inland, located in the town Werfen. Here visitors are able to see frozen waterfalls, rivers, huge blocks of ice that sometimes resembles the shape of various animals. Eisreisenwelt is translated from German as “The world of Ice Giants” and the length of which is about 42 km.

Admont Abbey Library

Located in the foothills of the Alps, this beautiful library is the second largest one in the world, situated in the monastery. The hall was designed in the style of the late Baroque by architect Joseph Hüber in 1776. There are no analogues in the world of this building and one more peculiarity it contains 200000 volumes. The ceiling here is extremely refined and historically valuable, it is presented in the form of 7 domes, decorated with frescoes of the authorship of Bartolomeo Altamonte. All frescoes illustrate the various stages in the formation and development of human knowledge about ourselves and the universe.