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Improving your learning abilities

7 ways to expand your vocabulary

There are many options for students who want to enrich their vocabulary and become better speakers. You can move up your career ladder if you choose to be a good communicator, and people will notice that your speech pattern has changed significantly.

In the past, Roman senators would spend hours to make their presentation flawless, and the art of communication was valued above all. You can either apply every one of these methods, or create a step-by-step instruction, which will allow you to monitor progress daily.


This is the simplest, yet the most effective tip for a student, who wants to benefit from learning. The basic rule here is to follow your natural inclinations. You can be an avid fan of scientific journals, or have a strong passion for magazines – whichever brings you satisfaction and academic fulfillment. Novels are also a good source of new vocabulary and can help you understand the words and constructions as well as expressions that are rarely used.


Choosing a word of the day may seem like a child’s practice, but if you think of it for a while, it is really helpful. You can find something that reflects your mood at the certain period of time or you can pick the words randomly, and have them on stickers, so that they catch your eye constantly. There is also a method, which lies in memorizing alternative forms of the said construction. This is an exercise, aimed to help you utilize the word in context.


Communicate with people around you for a better result. Every day, we are surrounded by our colleagues, teachers and fellow students. By practicing oral communication, we indicate our desire to learn something apart from the college routine, like writing custom papers. Besides, we demonstrate our ability to blend in with different society groups, which is good if you live in a multinational community. Your vocabulary will expand accordingly, and you will most certainly have a chance to enhance your pronunciation, too.

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One of the most effective methods, available to students, who want to communicate freely and speedily, is buying a writing journal. Putting down words helps you keep them in your head and maintain a certain level that will confirm your ability to speak in another language. Of course, you cannot obtain Shakespeare’s vocabulary in a week (and the great playwright was known for his intricate style patterns), but you will definitely make an impression at your next presentation.


Download a vocabulary app in case you are not a fan of writing. You can keep all your words in one place and use them one by one as you have the dictionary a few clicks away. It is important to have your Oxford or Merriam-Webster within reach, too, because you never know when you are going to need this or that word or expression, and time is money.


If the usual learning ways are not for you and you are constantly bored with dictionaries and glossaries, you might consider another way of enhancing your vocabulary. What we suggest is a playing pattern, applied to your educational plan. There are games, available online, that assist you in memorizing words while still having fun. It may seem a bit out of date and clichéd, but the association methods that they use are unique.


Write essays on your own and see if you can boast large vocabulary while producing papers from scratch. It sounds like a complex task at first, but once you know the ins and outs of writing, words that you’ve learnt will help you make a great composition and impress your teacher.