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Dreams can become a part of your life if you try our tips

People spend one-third of their life sleeping, so it`s an essential part of our life and everyone would like to remember what`s going on while you are asleep. If you can recall your dreams, you can understand your subconscious mind better, this can also assist you to make decisions.

In addition, you can deal with stress and entertain yourself. Almost all people have dreams, except those who have insomnia. Although not all of us can remember dreams. We offer your attention several tips which can help you recall your dreams if you don`t remember them. Let`s check them out!

Sleep well

If you want to remember your dreams, then you should sleep well at night. Most dreams during the first 4-6 hours of sleep are based on our memory and repair. When REM (rapid eye movement) becomes longer, your dreams becomes more interesting.

You should have a rest at least 8 hours. It`s a good way to create special atmosphere for a good sleep. You can turn all the lights off and make quiet in the room. You can also use earplugs and a sleep mask to make your sleeping better.

Write down your dreams

After you have dreamed in REM stage, you are more likely to wake up for a while and then move up to another sleep cycle. Almost all people forget their dreams during these short arousals. If you wake up, then don`t move and don`t open your eyes, try to recall your dream and only then you can take a notebook to write it down. If you cannot write the details, then skip them but note the most important facts. When you get up in the morning you will be able to recall other details.

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Try to keep the notebook and a pen near your bed, as if you go to another room, you are likely to forget your dreams. Moreover, you can even record your dream with a phone or tape recorder. You can listen to it and even add more details if you recall some.

Remind yourself to remember dreams

If you write “Remember your dream” on a sticky note, then you get all the chances to recall your dreams. You should out this sticker in your bedroom and before going to bed, you should read it aloud. In this way, you set the appropriate mindset which will work in favor of remembering your dreams.

Set your dream anchor

It can be easier for some people to remember dreams not opening their eyes, for others setting a dream anchor can be a good idea. What does it mean? You should choose the object, the thing which you associate with your goal to recollect your dreams. It can be a lamp, a glass or something else. Every time you look at these things, you will remember your dreams.

Looking through the window

It will be easier for you to recollect your dreams if you develop power of observation. One of the best ways here, is looking through the window and pretending that you see the scene from your dream. Now your task is to describe what you see, the season, colors. What plants you can see, what does the weather look like? Do you see any people? What are they doing? You can note your observation or record your voice. In such a way you will describe the whole picture of your dream. This will help you develop your observation skills which will lead to remembering more details.

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Live brightly

Your lifestyle can also influence remembering dreams. Try to fill your life with interesting and exciting events and this will stimulate more interesting dreams. You should always try something new, this can be even different routes to school or work, putting your clothes on in a new order. Don`t be stuck with routine!

Food can also influence your dreams! Different vitamins and chemicals effect our dreams in different ways. So, you should learn more what is better to eat before going to bed.

If you want to remember your dreams, then you should stop drinking alcohol, coffee and even tea at least two hours before sleeping. As these beverages are not in favor of your dreams recollecting.

You still don`t remember dreams

If you have tried the above-mentioned tips and you still don`t remember your dreams, then change the way you work. When you wake up, pay attention to your feelings. Then think about some people or at least colors, this may trigger some other facts or details which can draw the whole picture of your dreams. You can think of separate details during the whole day.

Our dreams are caused by some events or emotions, or effected by the food we eat. If you take a day nap, then your chances to recall your dream are much higher.