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Sleep trackers can help you get better sleep at night

We all know that people spend a third of their life sleeping. Lots of us take sleeping for granted, but that`s not correct. The researches show that 30% of all adults suffer from insomnia. So, it`s really important to track your sleep to better its quality.

You can find a great variety of sleep trackers and they differ in prices, ranging from $50 to even hundreds of US dollars. Today we offer your attention the dedicated sleep trackers, more like fitness trackers, which can track your sleep as one of their functions.

There are several features you`d like to pay attention to while buying a sleep tracker. First of all, you should think which metrics you`d like to track. Some can monitor hear rate while other your breath. Then the form plays an important role as well. There are trackers which you can place under your mattress, some can cover your whole body under the sheet.

Moreover, you should also check the app these trackers are connected to. Each of the trackers we have chosen has an easy-to-use app which can be installed on the phone or computer.

The S+ by ResMed sleep tracker

ResMed is not just the company that manufactures sleep trackers, it also specializes on medical equipment for sleeping disorders, including CPAP masks, machines etc. In addition, this company also have appropriate certificates to give advice on sleeping problems and this helped them to develop the S+ sleep tracker.

The S+ is put on your nightstand and tracks your movements during the night. It also checks the percentage of light, depth of your sleep and for how long you are awake at night.

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We have tested this tracker, and it`s the only one which gave us useful advice based on our personal sleep.

Every morning we got the note of how was our sleep at night, and what can be changed to improve the quality of a sleep. Every night you also get a notification when you should go to bed. In addition, the S+ gave some recommendations to make the sleep better.

Of course, it`s not perfect as it`s not as in-depths as some others, but still it`s useful and you can buy it for less than $50.

Eight sleep tracker is a good choice for couples

Eight-sleep tracker is very easy to use. You put it under your sheet and it starts to work when you get into bed. So, you just need to install it and then only check the information on your sleep score and data. You don`t need to check whether your device is working or not. In addition, this tracker can be set for two people.

It`s a big deal to track couples as two people sleep in one bed and only a few trackers can do that. Such tracking poses serious technological challenges and Eight sleep tracker isn`t perfect here. For instance, when someone lays in the middle the tracker takes this mistakenly like someone has left the bed, and tracking stops. This means you have to sleep on your sides only.

Eight starts working when you get into bed and stops when you get out. In addition, if you listen to music or read a book staying in bed, tracker also works and it influences the results.

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Beside this, Eight is a good tracker, which will provide you with information on your heart rate, bed and room temperature etc. Moreover, a tracker has an in-built warmer which you can turn on when needed.

Emfit QS is a good option for athletes

Emfit QS is an in-depth tracker, which is very easy to use and which can show you the whole information on your sleep. So, it`s a wise choice for athletes who wants to improve their sleeping body and know exactly what their body is doing at night.

This tracker has the form of a strip of sensors which you place under your mattress. These sensors track your metrics, including heart rate, heart rate variability, breathing rate, different classes of sleep etc. Moreover, it starts working automatically so you don`t need to set it every time you go to bed.

Still this tracker isn`t perfect as well. It`s more useful for those who want to check different metrics but not the overall condition of sleeping. Tracker is intended to give high scores of overall sleep and we have made sure in this fact.

Emfit QS has no mobile app, all information is kept in the cloud and you can check it only with your computer.

Interesting info about RestOn tracker

RestOn is a tracker in the form of a small band, which you put under your sheet but above your mattress. You won`t feel any discomfort and quickly get used to it, don`t worry.

You should press the button “start sleep” when you get into bed, and then “stop sleep” when you get out of the bed. And this is a big plus, as the tracker won`t work while you`re just laying in your bed with no intention to sleep. So, this won`t influence the overall score of your sleep.

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With the app you can check metrics which were tracked during the night. In addition, you can add various devices.

Have children? Sleep Number SleepIQ Kids K1 mattress is for you

Sleep Number SleepIQ Kids K1 mattress is created by Sleep Number, the company which works in the improvement of sleep. The last tracker is designed for children, you can install the app on your phone and check how well your children sleep and even get a notification when they leave a bed.

The application will provide children with stars when they get good sleep. In addition, the bed goes with installed light which can be turned on or off with an app.

This is a tracker which is built into mattress and you should buy everything together, so the price is approximately $800.

If you want to be healthy, feel good and full of energy to do chores, finish assignments and write papers then you should sleep well at night. Hope, the information on sleep trackers was useful for you!