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4 Things That Require Improvement in Regard to English Classes

Each system and structure is not perfect and requires updating and improvements in course of time. Especially, it is relevant when we speak about the educational sphere. In this regard there are so many aspects to be considered and observed. It is important to establish the effective educational program and arrange the classes in such a way, so that students will be interested in learning and will get the required knowledge.
What is wrong with the English classes at high school right now? Why teaching this discipline does not give one hundred percent result of effectivity and acquiring material?

Issue with the outdated books

Unfortunately, all spheres of our life develop faster than we can document and analyze them. And it will be cool if pupils have relevant, up-to-dated books that comply with the modern realities and standards of the English language. No one says to forget about the literature of the previous epochs or neglect our heritage. The system and books should be worked out giving the opportunity for students to learn ancient, classical and modern literature and understand what they are learning. The point is that learning literature of previous centuries can be not so interesting and even difficult. Therefore, it should be thoughtfully combined with the works that are more clear and attractive for young people. So, the question with books should be carefully regarded and significantly improved. For sure, that will bring great results.

Freedom of book choice for reading

Pupils receive an opportunity to select books for reading on their own. There seems to be nothing bad in such state of affairs, but sometimes in the real life this scheme does not work properly. Some pupils take this choice seriously and read interesting and worthy books; others take the first available book or even just read their brief description in the Internet. Pupils have no motivation and do not want to take the trouble with something complicated. Complete freedom often does not work at such age and shows that the youth should be guided to some extent. We do not suggest making reading of one book compulsory for everyone. Perhaps, teacher should help pupils to make research and opt for something really brilliant.

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Essay grading system

The system of evaluating students’ knowledge by means of essays causes some doubts in regard to objectivity. Teacher may like or dislike the content written by the student, it is very difficult to estimate it not subjectively and without one-sided consideration. Perhaps, it will be fair and more efficient, if the grading system contains more types of estimation and validation of knowledge. When you view the thing from different sides, it is easier to comprehend and understand it. The same principle may be useful in case of evaluation pupils’ knowledge in English. For sure, not all control systems will be suitable for this subject, but by means of investigation and trials it is possible to find appropriate and working solution.

Application of one type of essays

In the majority of schools teachers ask to write an essay of one type – analysis. Pupils read the novel or story and then perform analysis of its plot or characters in the written form. Such type of assignments is very effective and works greatly for checking knowledge, but still there are some reasons to apply various approaches. Except analysis pupils can invent their own stories, make plans of the works, which they have read or make some puzzles for their classmates.

Apparently, there are a lot of drawbacks in teaching English in the high schools. Perhaps, the issue should be considered from new and more innovative point of view. There is always place for improvements, upgrading and experiments. All tries and changes lead to modifications, the main thing is to select the right direction and make the modification to be positive ones.