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Get aware of main and unique features of Finnish education

Interesting facts about education system in Finland

Education is a very important aspect which should be considered seriously and its success influences all spheres of life. Still it`s difficult to find really affective schemes to find the best solutions.

Finland education is considered to be one of the most successful in the world. It`s ranked in the high positions in the world list. It would be interesting to get aware of outstanding facts considering their education which may even surprise you. Let`s check them out:

  1. Want to go to school at 6? No, it`s not allowed in this country, children go to school at the age of 7 only.
  2. Teachers are responsible for the schedule, they have freedom to do this on their own and only they are responsible for the students` results.
  3. Students are to pass only one obligatory standardized test.
  4. In Finland children are not marked at all during the first six years of studying.
  5. Homework doesn`t take much time for children in Finland as they get little of it. In addition, students in elementary and middle school don`t get homework at all. Students don`t pass any exams till entering the high school.
  6. Approximately 30% of Finland students take additional tuition during the first nine years of studying.
  7. 93% of students have finished college graduation.
  8. They pay much attention to practical skills, so each class is held with no more than 16 students to let everyone proceed with necessary experiments. So they don`t only study theory but practice as well.
  9. Children are to only explained the material, they are explained the most unusual and creative ways to remember and understand this information better.
  10. All students not depending on their knowledge level study always in the same classroom, there`s no differentiation between strong and weak ones, everyone is equal. Gifted children are not given praise, but struggling always get enough help and attention.
  11. There`s the same number of teachers in Finland as in New York but the number of students is much less.
  12. Finland education is totally funded by the state so everyone can get it.
  13. Cooperation is welcomed and encouraged while competitiveness is discouraged.
  14. In 2008 teachers` starting salary was $29,000 while in America it was $36,000.
  15. Still the salary is constantly increasing with experience. In 15 years, teachers can earn 102% of the salary they started with, while in America they can earn only 63% more.
  16. Time of breaks in Finnish elementary school is 75 minutes while in America children get only 27 minutes to rest, still in Europe it`s even less and students get 20 minutes.
  17. Teachers` qualification is very important, each teacher has at least Master`s degree. They often attend different training to achieve proficiency in this field of work.
  18. Teachers in Finland don`t get any bonuses for their achievements.
  19. Society in Finland respects teachers as doctors and lawyers.
  20. Finnish education system is based on equity and trust.
  21. Finnish education system encourages teachers to maintain their qualification, to develop their professionalism. They spend 2 hours per week working for this. Teachers spend only 4 hours in the classrooms a day.
  22. Schools in Finland are responsible for well-being of each student, so free food, health care and consulting are provided to each child.
  23. Assessment scores have never been changed in Finland by immigration.
  24. Finland continues to beat all neighboring countries, developing its own, unique and successful system of education.
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Finland government concentrates on the main aspects of education and develops only those ideas that are affective, so they reach success and students get good education on favorable conditions.