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Practical Ways to Save Money

 25 Tips How to Save Up Money Being a Student

A lot of students live on a budget, as they are to pay for accommodation, food, entertainments and studying. They often feel the lack of money and have to effuse from things they want because they cannot afford it. We have prepared the list of useful tips on saving money so that you can stop counting every penny, strictly limiting yourself.

  1. It is not necessarily to rent the room or flat while you are studying, there are a lot of other options for comfortable accommodation. For example, you can live even on a yacht!
  2. If living on the yacht or in a tent is not your cup of tea, share the room with other students and split up bills.
  3. Do you need new books to study? No. You can buy used books at the beginning of a semester and sell them when you no longer need them.
  4. If there are some books, which you need only for a short period of time, it is better to take them from the library than buying.
  5. Think twice whether you need to buy something at a shop, and never go shopping hungry.
  6. Do you smoke? Give up this harmful habit and you will save up money every day.
  7. Do you often eat out? To cook on your own is much cheaper, and you will have an opportunity to improve your cooking skills.
  8. You can also split up bills from grocery shops with friends and cook dinner for them too. It will be more fun and less expensive.
  9. Having a car is convenient, and it is expensive as well. There are a lot of other options of commuting to college or university.
  10. Do you watch all channels from your cable package? So, cut it out.
  11. There are a lot of discounts in shopping malls and supermarkets, do not miss them.
  12. Shopping online is much cheaper.
  13. You can get cash back on almost anything you buy online. Just try to find the best deal.
  14. Do not choose the most expensive mobile phone plan.
  15. If you go in for sports and want to enjoy a healthy lifestyle, it is not necessarily to go to the gym in town. Look for it on the campus of your educational institution, and it will be cheaper.
  16. If you have a lot of things, which you no longer need, you can sell them and get some money.
  17. Find out which activities there are on the campus of your educational institution, and take up in them rather than going out.
  18. It is not necessarily to buy apps in App Store, as there are a lot of free similar applications, which you can download.
  19. If you enjoy travelling during summer vocations, you can take part in an internship or volunteering work abroad, instead of expensive tours.
  20. Think twice before having a pet while you are at college. Pets are also expensive. You will need to feed them and pay vet bills.
  21. If you want to drink, choose water instead of fizzy drinks. It is free and better for your health.
  22. There are a lot of advantages of becoming a resident advisor. They usually get free room and board.
  23. Brand clothes are more expensive than non-brand, but their quality are similar.
  24. It is better to use free service for music than buy it.
  25. Cook at home and take lunches to school instead of buying them, and you will be able to save about $600 per one academic year.