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Gadgets that can change the world

5 of the coolest gadgets from CES 2017

Among top notch discoveries that can change the face of the future are wallpaper thin TVs and microwaves with automatic control. The list does not end here, however, as we hear about newest inventions in the sphere of science and technologies. Apart from putting the cool gadgets on display, CES allows the audience to assess the latest discoveries according to their availability and usefulness:

  1. Dell 2-in-1 laptop. Dell presented a laptop with a keyboard and a screen that allows to work on multiple projects at a time. You may know other hybrid models, that are similar to Dell, but it is truly something unique and out of the ordinary. What is more important, the sharp form of the screen enables the user to enjoy more colorful images and upload the newest versions of software, available on the market today. If you didn’t figure out what to buy as a present and still hesitate about the perfect techno concept, Dell laptop may be just what you need, as it has all the characteristics of a futuristic computer that is customizable in use.
  2. Lenovo Smart Assistant. We are glad to announce the next position on our list, and that is Lenovo speaker. You have probably heard of Amazon Echo, featuring the same attributes and functioning as a voice recognition device, but that is something entirely different.


The gadget is considerably cheaper, and it can answer questions, manage your phone calls and create a schedule that will help you in your daily routine. If you are familiar with the system that is called Alexa, you can easily handle Lenovo’s extravagant device, and get ready for improved functions like making calendars and to-do lists, based on your personal preference and way of life. It is available in different colors, and can be easily named one of the most technologically advanced speakers of our time.

  1. Razer Project Valerie. This gadget is incredible for student use. Imagine you have to watch the show, play a game and find essay helper online. With an average computer, you won’t be able to accomplish the task on time, and will be forced to burn midnight oil to get prepared. With Razer Project Valerie, however, you have three foldable displays that expand from the primary screen. The good thing is, they can be used separately, or combined together to provide a better view. Unfortunately, the gadget is not yet accessible to the general public, yet the developers claim it is going to be everywhere in the nearest future.
  2. Asus Zenfone AR. Asus implies that young people will soon be using their phones to perform functions that extend further than sending texts or installing Uber. To prove this, Asus Zenfone AR has presented a virtual reality system that allows you to experience different sensations, based on the Google platform. The alternative reality is going to be provided by Asus developers to enhance the audience’s impressions, and build a virtual world that can track motion and learn about the surrounding objects automatically. A true breakthrough in the sphere of science, Zenfone has already gained fame among teenagers and university students.
  3. Toyota Concept. Toyota insists on a concept of a car that is not only driven autonomously, but has an artificial intelligence that can power the automobile and learn the driver’s preferences with time. We cannot say whether it is a drawback or a major benefit, but developers predict the popularity of new software, called Yui. It is designed to suggest destinations and analyze your previous driving experience to the point where you can have your own virtual assistant and do nothing while the system chooses an ideal route.