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What is studying in the most unusual schools like?

An armful of homework, rows of wooden desks, blackboard, a pile of books – all these things come to our mind when we think about school. And, of course, do not forget about piles of academic essays on various subjects and with different requirements. We are all used to the generally accepted model of school but there are some schools that are completely different and unique. Let`s find out what is special about these unusual schools.
Witch school

Here you can find out everything about witchcraft and join the friendly witch community. Students have the opportunity either to take classes online or in person. Initially, the Witch school was situated in Roseville, Chicago, but it was forced to move because of the Christian protests. Christians burnt the school building and sprinkled the holy water on the students` cars to protect themselves. Nowadays, it is located in Salem, Massachusetts, where a lot of people were accused of witchcraft and executed in the 17th century. Don`t lose the chance to become the professional witch!

The Philadelphia School of the future

This futuristic school was opened in 2006. At first, it faced many problems as it didn`t meet the general educational standards. Furthermore, it was very difficult to incorporate all technological devices into the classrooms. But, eventually, this school managed to achieve success. Students don`t have any books here, they use computers and computerized smart boards for learning. They have a good chance of employment after graduation as they are familiar with many useful programs. Moreover, the schedule replicates a normal work day.

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Harvey Milk High School

Harvey Milk High School accepts students no matter what their identity or sexual orientation is. It is known, that bisexuals, gays, lesbians, and transgender students are usually discriminated in regular schools. This institution opens its doors to such students. It was named after the famous gay rights activist, Harvey Milk. The school was heavily criticized and even faced some cruelties from protesters.

Abo Elementary School

Abo Elementary School is the first underground school in the USA, which was built to function as a bomb shelter in case of the nuclear war with the Soviet Union. In those days, it had a generator, a morgue, a well, a ventilation system, decontamination showers, and sufficient food and medication supplies. Its entrances are protected with the 800-kilogram steel blast doors. This school was closed in 1995 as it was very costly to maintain it.

The Boat Schools of Bangladesh

A lot of people from Bangladesh suffer from floods that leave them without many necessities for living. It is even impossible for students to continue their studying in such conditions. Fortunately, the non-profit organization Shidhulai Swanirvar Sangstha decided to help them and built schools, houses, and health care centers that float. There are almost 100 boat schools in Bangladesh. Each of them has a small library, a laptop computer, and internet access.

Dongzhong Mid-Cave Primary School

The Dongzhong Mid-Cave School is situated in one of the poorest provinces of China. In 1984 the community of Guizhou decided to start a cave school with 186 pupils. In order to gain some knowledge many students could spent about six hours to get to this school. However, the government closed this primary school as Chinese society is not a ‘society of caveman’.

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The Train Platform Schools of India

The Train Platform School of India was opened in 1985 with a help of a school teacher from Orissa, Inderjit Khurana. She strongly believed that children from poor families, street children, and child laborers should have a successful future. So, she decided to take school to such children. Students learn to read and write gathering between train stops. Around 5,000 from all over India have the opportunity to study through this program.

Gulu Elementary School

Gulu Elementary School is situated in a poor mountainous area and is run by Shen Qijun. This school is hidden in the mountain and initially it didn`t have any proper conditions for studying. Shen Qijun managed to renovate it and did his best to make his children feel comfortable in such unusual place.

Trabajo Ya

Trabajo Ya is located in Valencia, Spain, and is aimed at teaching prostitutes. This school doesn`t promote prostitution and is completely legal. Here you will be definitely assured that this profession is quite profitable and guarantees you the instant employment. Classes consist of both theory and practice. Students can find out everything about the most effective tricks of the trade.

Brooklyn Free School

Brooklyn Free School is like a dream for any student! There is no curriculum, no homework, no tests, and no grades. Moreover, only students can make the school rules. They can do what they really want. Teachers act as moderators. They allow their pupils to find their own way in life.