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How to Improve Your Writing by Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson is a professor from Canada who knows a lot about arranging thoughts in a specific way and presenting them to the readers. Here are the tips that will help you declutter the space in the document and organize writing in the best manner. The templates may vary, depending on the demands, but the strategies below are indeed empowering:

Make an introduction

First, select a word that will determine your narration. Secondly, form a sentence that will help reveal the entire story. By structuring the text according to the demands, you admit that the process of learning is consistent. There is no need to add novelties to the research that has already been made. Peterson is certain that only professionals can introduce a brand new approach to writing. If you feel like you have not been tried and tested by the years of the academic journey, choose a safe path and rely on the instincts rather than go for something that has yet to be explored.

Stick to the instructions

Although most of the students regard the instructions as something that is more of a nuisance than a necessity, Jordan Peterson claims that they have been created for a specific reason. The rules are basically the compass for the readers. If you care about the target audience and wish to make the text comprehensible, the instructions roughly give away the possible twists and turns of the plot. These are conventional devices in writing that one needs to follow in order to be coherent.

Jot down the sources

There is evidence that writing down information is better for the memorizing process. Unlike the lecture that has been heard without being noted, coming into the classroom with the writing tools will assist students in the process of arranging their thoughts on paper. You will have samples that are going to make the research easier and provide the readers with arguments that are especially important for the critical texts.

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Create an outline

According to the professional, writing an outline is a fundamental part of the research. This is not an option, given to students, who are first writing an essay. On the contrary, it is the most bulletproof way to ensure success. If you want to make the academic path smooth and rise above the mediocre level of writing, you need to craft an outline that is going to impress the audience and make them fall in love with the story. The main thought, expressed in the form of a statement, will blow the mind of the readers in a flash.

Make a draft

Peterson is certain that creating a draft of the paper will help you get rid of the redundancies in the process. It will also take off the pressure of getting the words on a page. It is good to know that you have several drafts at hand in case the first one does not satisfy the needs of the audience any longer. The expert also recommends reading them out loud to determine any inconsistencies and render the ideas that you want to be communicated to fellow students. If the teacher has set a specific date for the text to be ready, you also need to pay attention to making a draft ahead of time so the tutor can revise the work at their leisure and point out your strengths.

Read the text

Rereading the paragraphs after you have crafted them is an excellent tactic. The content needs to remain fluid, that’s why Peterson mentions the importance of coming back to the initial draft of the paper after it has been finished. You can take a break by committing to other tasks, but toning down the first version of the paper is a great option for those, who want their text to be efficient. Peterson assumes that the second reading might help you devise a document with an attitude that is less intense. Toning down the paragraphs is an important part of the process. Moreover, the readers will have fun going through the text that has been thoroughly edited to match the requirements.

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Enhance the points

If you wish to become a Jedi in writing, you can use this trick while creating a paper from scratch. Write two versions of the outline before you get down to the text. This way, you will see the differences between the statements and choose the one that fits the paper. In addition, you will have more options when it comes to crafting a document to please the teacher and appeal to the target audience.

Include the references

The author does not forget to remind us that references are essential as you start writing a complex academic piece. The best way to deal with sources is to save them as you determine the outline of the paper.