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How to Create an Outline for Your Term Paper

Term papers are written to evaluate students’ level of knowledge and expertise in this or that leaning area. So, successful term paper writing requires a lot of time, efforts and dedication, alongside with research and technical writing experience.

In order to make a headway with your assignment, it should be well-written and formatted, structured, organized and well-thought. Remember that your term paper reflects your knowledge concerning a particular course.

So, for you to stay organized and make your essay perfect, a good idea will be to create an outline before writing. This little but very important note will make your writing process easier. This outline will serve you as a map or guide while writing. So, you should create it before even the research. In most cases, your instructor will specify all the details concerning a paper that should be completed. The most often used essay structure includes an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. However, it depends.

Check Out Some Samples

Certainly, instructors usually provide students with the topic related to what they have learnt. In other cases, you may be free to choose the topic of your paper. Lucky you if you have such an opportunity. You can read some magazines, newspaper articles, blogs in order to get some inspiration and new ideas. However, while choosing your own topic for writing, make sure that it fits the course objectives. In addition, to be an effective writer you should also be interested in a chosen theme. If you are interested in a certain topic, you will not struggle with researching and writing. Otherwise, it will be a fun for you.

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If you want to choose a good topic, the following aspects should be taken into account:

  • Length: Think about how long should your essay be. How many words are required? It will help you choose the topic since you will have a view on how broad the subject should be.
  • Resources: Check out local and college libraries, find some online resources and find a topic with the available sort of information.
  • Complexity: Complexity level should also be taken into account while choosing a topic for your term paper. Make yourself sure that you will be able to dwell on this or that topic and provide your readers with clear and relevant information.

How to Start Your Term Paper

Before you start working on your essay, check out all requirements that should be followed. If you want to complete a top-quality paper and get a high grade, you have to clarify all the details with your instructor.

A good essay will be completed only in case you work hard on it day by day. You should start your paper by creating an effective title, which will immediately grab readers` attention. Remember that your title page is the first impression of the whole paper. It also somehow influences on the way a reader will picture you as a writer. So, do your best to start your work well.

What about the Structure?

Yes, your term paper has to be well-organized and well-thought. It adds to your chances of making a grade. In our term paper writing service, a great amount of attention is paid to how the paper looks.

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So, the layout of how your term paper should look like is given below.

  1. Cover Page: it includes your name, course, your instructor`s name, and a date.
  2. Abstract: it shouldn’t be too long – a half of a page will be enough. Abstract serves as a description of your paper. It provides readers with the understanding of what will be said in the essay, why this topic is important etc.
  3. Introduction: this part of your paper begins with a topic statement that is in the discussion. Explain the importance of a certain topic and express your view very briefly. Write your plan to tackle this issue.
  4. Body: here you should give the synthesis of your research. Provide with more detailed information on the chosen topic. Don’t forget to include certain positions you have pointed out during your research.
  5. Results: you have to explain clearly what has led you to the final thoughts on your subject.
  6. Discussion: you should end up your paper with a conclusion. Finish your writing with an opening question or call to action, what will make your readers to continue the research on the given subject.

Do Not Forget About Formatting

While dealing with formatting, take into consideration the length and the citation style required. When you are doing a research, you have to use a particular citation style. If you ignore it, you may be accused of plagiarism. So, it is better to work a little bit more on it.

The term paper is one of the academic writing assignment styles. So, APA or MLA citation styles are used in most cases.

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APA: this style is commonly used when writing for some social sciences. For referencing in the APA style the publication name, date, and location are required.

MLA: this style is commonly used when writing for some liberal arts and humanities. For referencing in the MLA style the publication name, date, and location are needed.

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