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What is a Dissertation

The dissertation is a complex, apical work which requires lots of skills and knowledge that you’ve obtained during your study. By the time you have to write your dissertation, you’ve probably already written different types of essays, such as essay scholarships for example, persuasive, analytical, some Top-Notch Research Essay and many others.  All of this work done will help you to write your dissertation. Besides a good research process, writing skills are very important here as well.

The dissertation is a research work, defined as a long project that has to be prepared for defending and obtaining a scientific degree. It should be noted that there is often confusion in terms of “academic degree” and “academic title”. An academic degree is a degree of a doctor or candidate of science, which is awarded on the basis of the results of defense of a doctoral or candidate dissertation; the academic title is the title of professor or associate professor, which is awarded for success in scientific and pedagogical activity.

The research work, the collection of information and other procedures for the dissertation are complex and confusing. Let’s try to dive deeper to understand those complicated things!

Have you ever heard about the Proposal?

The proposal of the dissertation is the first step in the drafting process. Your proposal defines the stage of the research that you have done. This proposal is like the presentation of the content for your research. The proposal will help you write actual work and it should be about 10-15 pages depending on the length of full work assigned by your instructor. Before you start a dissertation on a novel, take time to draft your proposal.

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Don’t confuse the Dissertation with the Thesis

A lot of students suppose that the Thesis and the Dissertation are the same. However, remember that the dissertation is written during doctoral study, while the thesis is written at the end of the master’s program. The thesis can present only the collection of research works. And the dissertation is the work that can contribute something new to the field of the study. In the thesis, you expand the subject you’ve got the master’s degree for. In the dissertation, you have to write a lot more than 100 pages, to include the background information and other necessary information.

Outline for the dissertation

Before starting to draft your paper, you have to draft an outline. Here you can see a clear guide from our professional writer to help you draft YOUR dissertation just right:

  • Title Page
  • Table of Contents
  • List of Tables (if you have one)
  • List of Abbreviations (if you have one) in alphabetical order
  • Introduction (including your research question or hypothesis)
  • Literature Review
  • Methodology (explain why you set on this particular methods to answer the research question.)
  • Findings (description and presentation of your case study, evidence, or data.)
  • Discussion
  • Conclusions and recommendations (write the final evaluation of your researches.)
  • Bibliography (a list in alphabetical order of all the external sources that you’ve used for explanation of your research)
  • Appendices (such things as pilot reports, detailed tables, questionnaires, interview transcripts, etc.)

The length of the dissertation

According to the general standards, the dissertation should be starting from a minimum 21 pages to maximum 2000 pages.

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On average the length is from 100 to 200 pages long.

How to defend your dissertation?

Writing the dissertation doesn’t mean that it is over. Defending it is another and final step.

The defense is a key step for your future career. It consists of three stages: before, during and after.

  • Before: Be aware of all deadlines and rules. Be ready to answer the questions. Prepare the schedule in advance.
  • During: Be confident with the presentation you give. Give clear answer to any type of questions.
  • After: Turn on your happy mood! You’ve done a really great job, it’s time for celebration. Send copies of your dissertation to your colleagues and friends who might be interested in the subject.

Now, you know quite important information about the dissertation. I’m sure there won’t be any misperceptions about the thesis. You’re ready to start writing. However, if you still hesitate you can search for help like you probably did while looking for the option of write my essay.