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Landing a job or going to college?

8 reasons you should start business instead of a job

Most of us imagine our dream jobs to be exclusively rewarding. In reality, however, we are stuck with dull reports and have trouble finding our calling. Paychecks add no meaning to life as we struggle to make our ends meet. Here are reasons you should rather run a business than choose an office routine once you are out of college!

You have your own schedule

You will, of course, agree that having a schedule of your own is much more rewarding than working for someone who doesn’t care about your rhythms. If you are more of a night owl, no one will force you out of bed before noon – you can attend to business whenever you deem fit.

You become smarter

As you have to handle multitasking and put your term papers aside, chances are you will be taking time to consider the risks and evaluate the possibilities as you go. Being in the business means you will have to be your own teacher, which can be efficient in terms of productivity. Real entrepreneurs do not waste their time and chances – they create opportunities themselves, and that is what makes the core of the most business deals.

You will finally understand the value of money

You won’t need another reminder to work hard for your progress once you learnt that running your own business requires strength and effort. What you earlier took for granted you will now perceive as hard-earned, because you know that every hour of the day could be potentially used to generate profit.

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You’ll be better at communicating

Once you are moving up the career chain, you will have to meet people and strike conversations with them. Connections are by far the most important element to the sales process, and in due course, you’ll be educated enough to persuade people into buying by using non-verbal signals and applying the methods of successful communication. To become an ace in this art, you will have to go a long way, from finding the right client to gauging the profit.

You don’t have to follow the office code

The office code is basically a set of rules your boss invented to keep you motivated throughout the day. If you follow these rules, you confirm that you are a part of the company. You don’t have to be that strict, however, when it comes to business of your own. You can show up, dressed in your favorite T-shirt and jeans, and nobody will complain. This can be named as the major benefit of being at the head of the large corporation.

You can start early

Though you may think you have years ahead, you are only productive when there are no kids and family around. That is why we recommend you to think twice before you decide to move to the next level in your career chain. Once you are stuck with running your own business, it will be hard to devote sufficient amount of time and energy to those around you, and you will be obliged to tear yourself between duties and family weekends.

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You are fresh and new

Just because you are fresh out of college and relatively new to the profession, you don’t have loans and people that are dependent on you or want your paycheck every month. You are your own boss, and that is a blessing. This is important, because it means you have nothing to lose when it comes to striking a deal and you can negotiate in a flexible manner, since there is no house to pay for or car to sell.

You have ideas

There is no sense in waiting twenty years for your manager to notice you, when you can act out all your crazy ideas now, for the sake of your profit and your own benefit. This doesn’t mean you have to give up if you’ve run out of concepts. It’s just that you are more likely to participate in something mind-blowing and audacious in your twenties. You’ve had time to produce ideas and now you can reap the benefits.