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How to succeed with a phone interview? Remember our tips and get a job on a phone!

How to Handle a Telephone Interview?

A phone interview is a great thing for many young people. It does have a lot of benefits. For example: you do not have to worry about keeping an eye contact (it is very difficult to deal with, especially when you are worrying), you do not have to dress in your best clothes to create a good impression, you even do not have to leave your house.

If you are preparing for a job interview over a phone, you can relax. Have a cup of tea before to calm down your nerves, think twice about what you are going to say and wait for a call. However, a phone interview requires you being as attentive as if you were in a company’s office sitting in front of a manager. You should know how to handle a phone interview to succeed. To help go through an interview with flying colors, we’ve worked on the paper. Follow the rules and learn to get a job from your house!

Do your homework

Before you apply for a job, you should read and select only appropriate offers. Do not read only the headlines, read the whole description and see whether your skills match the hiring criteria. Choose those job offers that you will be able to handle; therefore, your chance to get it will be high.

Know your CV

Your prospective employer may ask you what work you did and when. You should be prepared to give confident and quick answers. So, have your CV printed to navigate and give exact answers.

Research the company

After you received an email from the company and got an invitation for a phone interview, start doing a research. You should know main information about the company. If you show your interest toward the company, your candidacy will be likely taken into consideration.

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Prepare for a job interview questions

Search for typical interview questions on the Internet. Go through most common questions and try to answer them. Take notes to help the interview go smoothly. This will help you to sound more professional and confident 100%.

Get rid of distractions

Making a good impression is very important. You need to eliminate distractions such as open window, barking dog, family members, music, etc. Interview is a private space and if you want to get a job by a phone you will have to pay maximum attention.

Clarify information

While having a conversation with an interviewer make sure you understand everything. If you did not hear the answer properly, do not be shy to ask for clarification. It is best to respond correctly rather than giving wrong answers and spoil your reputation. Take notes to remember what the interviewer told you about the job position.

Have questions

Write down question that you would like to ask a manager before the interview. You have to make sure that you know everything about the offered job and there is no hidden information or tasks that you will have to deal with on your first day in the office.

Follow up the phone interview

Once you finish a job interview by a phone, thank the interviewer by sending him or her an email. Say that you are interested in the job and offer to provide more information about your experience by request.

This is it! A phone interview is not that difficult as you imagine because you can do it from your house. It is a comfortable place and you should not worry about seeing a stranger’s face and spending time in a new environment. However, remember the tips we have giving you and good luck with your upcoming interview by a phone!