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Advantages of Studying a Foreign Language

The reasons why people start studying foreign languages are different. For example, a teacher working in a multilingual school needs to deal with pupils from various societies. Or migrants get to know a second language to feel more confident and comfortable in another country. But the main thing that encourages to learn the foreign language is the ability to travel around the world, explore new lands and cultures.

Have you ever thought of the benefits of studying a foreign language?

By learning, you boost your brain power

Learning a second language means not only dealing with remembering foreign words but also dealing with rules, structures, grammar, and lexis. These tasks burden a person’s brain, helping to improve memory and develop useful skills. When your brain copes with all elements of a foreign language, you start to express your thoughts and ideas using new words, read quicker and more effective, communicate with other people and take part in discussions.

Multi-tasking is developed

For those who enhance their abilities to multi-task, are able to switch from one tongue to another very easily. Multitasking is useful when you need to speak two or more languages simultaneously. The complexity of this task is huge for the brain, but if you practice day by day, you’ll become a professional in dealing with different activities.

The total improvement of your memory

As your brain works with a new language system, it comes to be more flexible and increases your memory. It becomes easier to remember words and rules, important names and phone numbers, directions, etc. You will become fluent in any language when your memory is improved and the brain is exercised enough.

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You will sharpen your mind

According to several studies, multilingual people have well-trained and sharp minds. They are capable of critical thinking so that they detect irrelevant and misleading information better than monolinguals. Besides, polyglots are capable of keeping their minds keen for longer.

Be an expert in your first language

From the very beginning of learning a foreign language, you have the ability to compare vocabulary, grammatical and lexical rules, idioms, sentence construction of both first and second languages. While you start getting used to the terms of the second language, you grow the interest in your native language as well as improve your skills on reading, listening and writing.

Enhanced decision-making ability

When talking in a foreign group, it is necessary to response with the right phrases. You need to strain your brain to choose the right words very quickly and effectively. As a result, you keep up the conversation and practice a second language. So, in the process of learning a new language, you can broaden your mind and make it more flexible for making decisions in everyday situations.

Increase your self-confidence and education level

One of the interesting benefits of learning a foreign language is that you will easily make friends with native speakers, acquiring knowledge about their culture and getting more confident. Besides, as you practice new language permanently and train your brain, you may increase your IQ as well as academic performance to grasp important information on different subjects faster.

Foreign language provides more career choices

Paying attention to the recent studies, multilingual people have more chances of employment than monolingual ones. Since they are fluent in several languages, they are able to communicate with people from different countries and walks of life. This thing together with intelligence, trustfulness, politeness, problem-solving and critical skills provide a person with better career choices.