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The essay conclusion: how to make it strong

In a conclusion passage you give a short summary to what you wrote in your work. In order to create a killer conclusion, figure out the key point of your essay and make sure it was included. Compared to introduction part, the conclusion paragraph starts with specific thing and moves to the general one – and you should keep that in mind.

Key points

First of all, you can find help in your introduction. If your essay is worthy (and we are sure it is), then you probably reached the goals which you set in your introduction paragraph: so just describe the key points and answer the questions if needed.

If your paper is long enough, you can look at each paragraph and shortly write what it was about. Our tip: your essay conclusion needs to give facts, problems or situations to think over after they finished reading. Ending with an intriguing question will be a great move.

End up with interest

Remember how you tried to catch the attention of your readers with a joke or surprising fact when writing the introduction? The end of your essay needs to catch the attention as well and contain some interesting statement. There are three ways to do it:

1. A parallel structure. If, for instance, you described a statistic in your introduction, then also use statistic in your essay conclusion; if it was a quote, provide a similar quote. However, the same hook will not be a great decision for the ending.

2. A rhetorical question. It is obvious that such questions create some kind of intrigue.

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3. Professional help. Sometimes studying the examples of different conclusions is not enough. Then you can just ask for help those who is perfect in writing. For instance,

These three variants are just our suggestions, and you could actually end your essay in a way that you feel would be the best. The key point here is to make sure that your essay readers stay attracted until the very end. Summing this up, remember that it is essential to wrap up your paper by summarizing the general idea – it will bring your essay to a smooth end and make a worthy piece of work.