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12 Ideas for Graduation

Graduation is a final point in the life of any college student. There will be no lectures, classes, essays and papers. This day is a great opportunity to have fun with your group mates and celebrate very special day in your life. But a fantastic celebration is a result of a long and thorough preparation that include many important points such as place for party, menu, decorations, party activities, gifts, video, photos and so on. We want to make your preparation process a little bit easier, that’s why we offer 12 ideas concerning this or that part of preparation.

Food and Drinks

Delicious buffet is a compulsory part of any party, that’s why you need to pay special attention to what you offer to eat and drink. Put big tubes of iced sodas, don’t forget about alcohol. Some champagne, wine and beer would be good for your occasion. Choosing food for the party you should prefer easy to eat and serve meals and snacks.  In this way guests will be able to mingle. And now some ideas how add unusual details to the buffet.

1. Choose the theme for the food. If you are linguists or culturologist, it may be some country the language and culture of which you studied. Maybe, graduates happened to study abroad for some period of time, in that case it would be a reminder of a good experience.

2. Signature cocktail.  Make a cocktail called after your graduation; you can be pretty sure that everyone will appreciate this idea. Alcoholic cocktail or non-alcoholic one – it’s up to you to decide.

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3. Graduation themed dainties. Many people like sweets, so use this fact. You can work with cupcakes, for example, black icing and graduation caps, or use easier and more economical version. Instead of ordering special cupcakes, make small paper graduation caps with your own hands and stick them into cupcakes.

Decoration and entertainment

Décor of the venue helps to create the atmosphere of the celebration, so work hard to make people understand why they came there.

4. Use symbols and colors of college’s school. It may sound too simple, but it’s almost the easiest way. And don’t say you are tired of all this symbolism, there is one crucial point – you see it for the last time.

5. Buy or make photo props.  No doubts, people will take photos, for that reason it is a win-win idea. Set up a photo booth and add some photo props with funny inscriptions that people can hold in the photo.

6. Create your own hashtag. Instagram rules the world, and you are a part of it. Share the photos of the party with  other guests.

7. The life-size cutout of graduates. Bring some markers and ask people to sign it. It’s very interesting to see the results of this activity at the end of the party. Besides, somebody would like to take photo in memory.

8. The timeline with graduates’ photos. What distinguishes a freshman from an undergraduate? You have a chance to find out. See ‘the evolution’ of the graduates, and who they were and who they are now.

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9. The jar of advice. This activity is perfect to avoid boring conversations and annoying sharing of experience you. Pieces of paper, colorful pens, a big jar and voila!

10. Make a banner. Another decoration you can easily make out of black paper and yarn. Put it up on the ceiling or wall.


11. Hand-made gift box. It doesn’t matter what you will put in or fill with – cash, candies, a gift card and so on. Gift box in the form of the graduation hat is original way to present your gift.

12. Money in a jar. Giving money to the graduate can also be made in a specific way. Pack rolled bills in a jar and put a handmade graduation cap on the top. Use transparent or colored jar to keep the graduate intrigued.