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How to Create a Successful Case Study

You should know that there are four kinds of case studies, which are illustrative (the description of events), exploratory (investigations), cumulative (the comparison of information) and critical (is about a certain subject examination with its effects and causes). Thus, we may see, that these case studies concern various spheres, they can be of research aim as well as for corporate proves. Once you get aware of the types of case studies, you can follow simple steps to make your assignment an effective one.

Get ready for the writing

  • You are to define which of the case studies types will fit the purpose of your topic and which one will be the best for your audience. For instance, corporations may take illustrative case study type to describe what has been done for clients; students can choose cumulative or critical case study method; it`s obvious that legal teams will work on exploratory case type. It doesn`t matter what kind of a case study you choose, your aim is to describe the case in the best light, showing all the details and facts, which can be hidden.
  • Choose the topic of your case study. The next step is to come up with what you are going to write about and where your research will take place. You should attend the library or use the Internet to start your writing process and choose the specific topic of your assignment. Look for as much information as possible, you can use all the recourses available, the only thing is to choose the reliable ones with up-to-date information. Use the Internet, magazines, newspapers, books, videos – it`s totally up to you! Don`t forget to make some notes to arrange the information appropriately.
  • Look for case studies on the same subject that have been written before, ask your professors. You can take some interesting ideas, which may help develop your own. Do not copy the data. While reading on your case situation, you may come across some problems that need a solution; you may also find out whether you have come up with an interesting idea or not. Check some samples to get the idea of case studies writing.
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Get ready for the interview

  • Choose people you are going to interview. They should be engrossed in the subject of your assignment and provide you with necessary information. Select only those who are involved in the situation you describe, even if they do not support your side. Think whether you will hold individual or group interviews. Consider what type will be more beneficial. You are to own as much information concerning your subject as possible, as the interview should be active and you should result in getting more data on your topic.
  • You are to prepare a list of interview questions. Moreover, choose the way you are going to conduct the interview, will it be an individual one, a group one, or via telephone. Your questions should help you understand what people think on this topic and get the information you need.
  • Make sure that interviewees know exactly the purpose of the meeting, they are aware of the topic. Your questions shouldn`t be controversial, they should be simple and polite.

Gathering the information

  • During the interviews, you are to ask similar questions, as you should see the situation from different points of view. It`s better to use special questions to get more data and to develop the conversation. In addition, you may ask for some materials that prove their words, so you can attach them to your assignment or use in your presentation. For instance, customers can provide you with images of the tools usage, while participants can give you photos to prove their words.
  • You should have access to any needed information round-the-clock, so collect all the papers, documents, records in one place. You can`t use all that, so think well on arranging the data you have in the way you can fully open the topic of your assignment. Analyze the materials you have and arrange them in the understandable way for readers.
  • The problem should be formulated in one or two sentences. You should also think how to include it in a thesis statement. Thus, you should pay much attention to those materials, which are closer to the problems you are dwelling on.
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The writing procedure

Once you have gathered all necessary information, you are to organize it in a proper way. At least four sections should be included in your assignment: an introduction, explanation why this case study was created, presentation of what you have found, a conclusion of all the data presentation and references. The first two sections are similar to those you write in common application essays, for instance.

  • The introduction should clearly present what you are going to talk about. You can start it with a question, or you can quote someone you have interviewed. It should be like a detective story, where the crime happens in the beginning.
  • Don`t forget to insert background information, tell why your interviewees are good, why the problem you consider is important. You can also attach photos and videos to make your case study more persuasive.
  • Present your data to the readers, give quotes of people you have interviewed. Moreover, you can add your personal attitude to the problem. Describe the readers what you have learnt about the problem, what actions can be taken, what solutions may be found and what has been done to overcome the problem. Tell about your personal feelings concerning the work you have done.
  • At the end, you are expected to provide readers with possible ways of solutions, still, you are not obliged to find the best option. You are to encourage readers work on the problems as well, so leave some free space for their ideas. If you have done everything in a proper way and described the entire problem with all the nuances, then readers are more likely to have discussions in their class.
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The length of your assignment depends on the requirements. Still, there shouldn`t arise a question, like “How long is a 1000 word essay?”, as it depends only on your inspiration.

Don`t forget to make the reference list of recourses you have used, like in any other assignment. If there`s information which is difficult to be understood, then include the explanation in the appendix.

Proofread your work, revise the sentence structure and word spelling, check the grammar usage. Moreover, pay attention to the flow and logical sequence. Ask someone, an independent person, to check it as well.

Hope your writing an essay will be easier with our advice!