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Writing a story: What to begin with

No matter what activity we talk about, perhaps, everyone feels some difficulties when starting something new. You can wash all the dishes, sort your laundry in order to avoid a new activity, but the task will not be done before you set to it.

Many people will say that when we speak about writing it makes a point to wait for the inspiration. For sure, your mood and emotional condition mean a lot by dealing with such activity, however, you can always start with some preparatory work, which will lead you in the right direction.

Generate Ideas

Feel some difficulties with creative thinking and cannot imagine what to tell about in your story? That is a common problem. The more you think, the more your ideas seem to be ridiculous and stupid. Sometimes you can have no ideas at all. In fact, ideas can be found in simple and routine things, your task is just to recognize them. For this, you need to observe, think, imagine and ask yourself about the possible development of events. Many ideas are born when you listen to people and consider what they have said. Acquisitive mind always leads to new discoveries.

Work out a Framework

Even for experienced people, it is hard to create a think piece without a preliminary plan. The plan helps you to direct your thoughts and saves you from numerous corrections when the work is done. So what should you think about in your plan?

  1. What is the plot?
  2. Who is the main character?
  3. How do the events begin?
  4. What are the goals of the character and who prevents him or her?
  5. What are the interesting and catchy twists of your story?
  6. How does everything end?
  7. What is the moral of your narration?
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In fact, you can use any set of questions and customize them according to your needs and concepts. Anyhow, simple considerations will help to make your story consistent and will facilitate your writing by means of your understanding of the direction you should follow.

Find Your Style

Perhaps, you have noticed that many works of famous writers are recognizable and have its special style. Some use a lot of jokes; others use metaphors or tell many situations from their life. Your style can be anything: an interesting and unpredictable manner of narration, humor or mixed sequence of events. It is up to you what to choose, but keep in mind that your style should be easy for perception by readers.

Ask Advise

If you have done all above-mentioned statements and performed all required preparations, but still cannot make yourself to write, it is also quite a common situation. Some people just do not feel confident about starting a new activity and need an advice from experienced people, who can motivate them by their example. If you do not know any authors, it is not a problem in the modern world. Join numerous groups in the social networks or register on forums. There you can ask numerous pressing questions and discuss your situation with people, who for sure have been at your place.

Just Start and Everything Will be Back on Track

When you have made up your mind about the topic and worked out a plan, do not delay and start to work. Your considerations about ideas and plan are still fresh and you can use every detail, which you have thought over. Even if you think that you are not sure and not ready, just write. You will hardly ever have the feeling that you are ready, so it is better not to wait for any internal signals and proceed to action.

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Imagine that you are going to tell this story to your best friend, share in writing all your great ideas and make it in an interesting, funny or catching way. We have no doubt that your ideas, thorough plan and interesting style of writing will make your story great.